Do you have a business conference or meeting to attend in the UK? Or are you an entrepreneur who wishes to explore the business opportunities? Being one of the fastest-growing business capitals in the world, the United Kingdom has always welcomed foreigners to contribute to the British economy. Whether you are a beginner with an innovative idea or financer looking to invest, you definitely require a UK business visa to enter the Kingdom.

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UK Business Visa – Overview

A UK Business visa is the authorizing document that gives people across the world the right to enter the territory of the United Kingdom.
This business visa program allows immigrants to conduct short business visits, establish a new business venture, manage an existing business, or invest in the country. This visa is a sticker visa which means it will be attached to your passport.

Point to Remember:

Business visa to the United Kingdom also requires you to pass the interview process and biometrics. You need to make sure to submit only credible documents. Also, Blinkvisa will help you by fixing your appointment at the Embassy. 

You are permitted to:

  • Establish/co-ordinate in business
  • Attend any training or meeting related to business
  • Travel or tour across the country
  • For research purposes
  • Take up professional exams

Features of Business Visa:

  1. Multiple entry visa
  2. Valid for six months
  3. 15 -20 days of processing time
  4. Stay period is of six months (continuously)

UK Business Visa Info

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Types of UK business visa

  • Standard Business Visa

The common type of business visa that permits you to go on for a business trip or stay up to six months or more depending on your purpose. You could also extend for a year or two if your company/organisation provides necessary proof. It is a multiple entry visa.

  • Tier 1 Investor Visa

This type of visa can be availed by individuals who desire to contribute to their wealth on any kind of investment option/business and opts for a stay in the UK on a lasting premise. The venture must be gainful and productive for the economy of the UK. This visa is important for those candidates who search for the fitting industry they need to put resources into. Suppose the candidate meets every one of the necessities, they can go for UK permanent residence and UK nationality.

  • Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa

Intended for the candidates who are either world pioneers and showed up as the outstandingly gifted in the field of science and arts. A test will be conducted for such candidates and they must gain 75 points to apply for this visa.  The advantage of this visa is that you can live and work or set up your own business in the UK with no obstructions. This visa is valid for as long as three years with an extension of an additional two years.

  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

This is a popular type of visa applied by people who wish to invest by building up a new business in the UK or securing the settled business. It is quite a difficult visa to get because the candidate is required to fulfil many conditions like fund availability, English proficiency, the correct source of funds and so on. This visa is for a lifetime and is also extendable.

Note: Currently, Blinkvisa is providing only the standard UK business visa 

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UK Business Visa Cost:

The total cost of the UK business visa is INR 10560. Blinkvisa does not have any hidden charges. The entire fee amount is including GST and agency charges. You get the complete fee as 100% cashback!

After an initial payment of INR 500, you will pay remaining only after getting the visa!

uk business visa cost

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You can use the cashback for your remaining travel itinerary. The cashback will be credited to your respective email registered with Blinkvisa. For example, booking flights, hotels or even sightseeings!

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What are the Requirements?

One of the major things that you need to get a business visa is your passport ( six months validity), visa application form (filled in appropriate format) and photographs.

Make sure the photographs you take are with a white background that shows 80% of your face (size 35 mm X 45 mm) in a matte finish. In case of any religious headgears, don’t let it cover your face completely. 

If Employed:

  • A document having the leave sanctioned certificate with company seal and signature
  • Last 3 months salary slip
  • Covering letter in the company business letterhead

If Self-employed:

  • Business Registration License/MOA/Partnership deed/GST certificate/IT returns
  • Company’s updated bank statement of last 3 months
  • Company’s IT returns for 3 years

Other specific documents:

  • Original Bank statement for last 6 months updated with at least a minimum of more than INR 1,50,000
  • Income tax returns / Form 16 for last 3 years
  • Suppose you go to attending a festival or conference, it is advisable to show the proof of your invitation letter
  • Business visa definitely requires you to furnish financial documents such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, Recurring Deposits, any other Investments, etc

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Steps to Apply For Business Visa:

  1. Click on the “Book Appointment” button on the right.
  2. Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & number of applicants.
  3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 & get a full cashback of INR 10,560 into your wallet.
  4. Purchase your flight, hotel, activities and other travel-related stuff at amazing discounted prices.
  5. Once your visa is approved, the Embassy will you notify. You can either pick up the passport from the embassy or choose Blinkvisa’s courier services.

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UK Business Visa FAQs

1. How long before the travel should I apply for a business visa to the UK?

You can apply for the UK Business visa 3 months before your travel date. Business visa takes a little longer to process because of its conditions and requirements and that is why it is advisable you apply earlier.

2. What do I do if my business visa application gets rejected?

Suppose your visa application is rejected, you can apply for another fresh visa right away. You can apply for a new visa as long as your refusal letter does not say that you cannot apply again.

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3. What is the validity of a UK tourist visa?

The UK tourist visa is a multiple entry visa and is valid for six months.

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4. Do Indians need to apply for a UK visa?

Yes, Indians need to apply for a UK visa for both tourism and business purposes.

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5. How do I easily apply for a UK tourist visa?

All you need to do is, log on to Blinkvisa website and submit your request, we will take care of the complete UK Visa application process right from getting your documents ready to get your visa under our visa expert guidelines.

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