The United Kingdom is a territory loaded with opportunities that motivate anybody to travel for business, studies and of course tourism!  However, before booking a ticket, travellers must obtain a visa. To get the visa, submission of the requirements is essential. UK visa requirements carry a lot more documents and procedures when compared to other country visas. And that is why it is essential to know the type of visa and their respective requirements to ensure that you don’t slip up along the way!

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Blinkvisa not only helps you with the arrangement of all the requirements for your UK visa but also give you the visa at 100% cashback, which means, you can apply for a UK visa right at the comfort of your home.

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Basic On UK Visa:

The UK visa cannot be applied on your own. One must avail only through registered agents. It must be applied at least a month before your travel date, so as to ensure you clear the interview on time and get the visa accurately. It is mandatory to attend the interview and submit the biometrics when applying for a UK visa.

Major types of UK visas

  • UK Tourist Visa: Popularly known as UK Visitor Visa, this multiple entry type of visa is utilised for travel purposes and is valid for six months. The visa fee is INR 11760.

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  • UK Business Visa: This is a significant visa for doing any sort of business-related exercises. For whatever length of time that you don’t earn money or start a business on this visa, you are acceptable to proceed with this visa. The visa fee is INR 10,560

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Eligibility Criteria For Indians

  • Candidates must furnish proof indicating that their entering the nation won’t hurt the nation or its people in any capacity.
  • All the applicable visa capability criteria must be met(depending on the sort of visa)
  • A valid passport must be provided
  • Candidates must not have a criminal record against them nor should they be associated with any criminal case at the time of application.
  • Candidates, as well as their dependents, must have sufficient funds to show that they can finance the trip by themselves throughout the span of their stay in the UK.
  • Medical tests ought to be passed and work license must be outfitted in the event of work visa
  • Candidates must show up for interviews and biometrics.

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UK Visa Requirements

Mandatory Documents for tourist and business visa:

  • Passport

It is important to possess a passport with a minimum of six months validity. UK visa is a sticker visa and it will be stuck on to your passport. You can also attach your old passports (if any) as that would indicate the Embassy on the number of times/countries you have travelled.

  • UK Visa Application Form

You can download and fill the UK visa application form with Blinkvisa. Our agents will also help you by filling out the form on your behalf. It is vital to choose the right type of visa when filling out the form to avoid any mistakes.

  • Photo requirements

It is important to submit your accurate photographs (taken within three months) in the specific measurements as expressed by the Embassy. The specifications are 3.5″ x 4.5″  with a matte quality in a white background. No glossy/blurry photos are acknowledged. Our agents also help with editing your photographs as per the requirements.

  • Covering Letter

A cover letter must clarify details about your travel and also the number of people travelling along to ensure that you get a visa accordingly. You must also mention your purpose of stay and validity.

In the case of Business Visa:

  • For employees, you must furnish the letter in plain paper.
  • For self-employed, you must furnish in company letterhead.

Including an ideal travel plan in your cover letter will be an added benefit in granting you the visa. Blinkvisa gives you a custom made travel itinerary exclusively for your requirements.

  • Bank statement and sufficient funds

Sufficient funds and a bank statement (last six months)is vital to get the UK visitor visa. The bank statement is required to show all your deposits and evidence of income (tax returns, payslips, a letter from employer etc). When it comes to business visa or work visa, the Embassy will scrutinize your documents carefully and that is why you must have proof supporting all your incomes.

  • Hotel accommodation proof:

You may need to present a copy of your hotel stay that would include the dates of your vacation/gathering in the city. You must also take a print out of the stay to show at the immigration.

You must show your inward and onward flight tickets to let the Embassy know your arrival and departure schedule.

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Additional/supporting documents (If required):

If Employed:

  • 3 months salary slip
  • Employee ID card

If Self Employed:

  • Business Registration License/Partnership Deed/GST Certificate
  • IT returns for 3 years
  • 3 months personal bank statement

If Visiting friend or relative:

  • Invitation letter
  • Inviter’s ID passport or PR
  • Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill, etc.
  • Payslip and bank statement for the last six months

If Sponsored:

  • Sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor’s national ID proof like Passport, PAN card or Resident permit
  • Updated bank statement of last 3 months
  • IT returns for the last three years

If Retired:

  • Proof of Pension such as pension payment order.
  • In case you are retired from a private firm, then last 6 months bank statement

For minors:

  • Birth certificate
  • NOC from parents/non-accompanying parent on INR 100 stamp paper.
  • A letter of consent from parents with a proof of their Signature, if the minor is travelling unaccompanied, without or with one single parent

For Students

  • School ID card copy for students
  • Bonafide certificate

Requirements for Biometrics:

You should submit your biometric information at the nearest VFS/Embassy. You must carry your passport, application form, and photographs to the Embassy. The process takes about 15-20 minutes and you will have to give your fingerprints and they will take a digital photograph.

Please Note: Make sure your fingertips are clear from henna or tattoos. Also from any deep cuts, scraped areas, or different markings because sometimes the scanner might not get your prints clearly and your application could get rejected.

Your Easy Steps To Apply For Visa

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UK Visa Requirements FAQs

1. What is the UK tourist visa fee?

UK tourist visa fee in Bangalore

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2. Can I extend my UK tourist visa upon expiry?

No, you cannot extend the UK tourist visa if it gets expired. Visa extension is not entertained for the general tourist visas. You have to leave the country by the last day of the visa validity.

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3. Do I need medical insurance to get a UK visa online?

You just need to present your passport. You may be asked to present travel medical insurance in case of any medical emergencies and any proof of funds for your travel. You can get a travel insurance HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance for as low as INR 300.

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