Travelling to Malaysia? Great Choice! The only thing you will be needing is your Malaysia Visa in hand and you are good to go.

It’s time to get ready to explore one of the most beautiful countries in Asia with it’s adventurous and exciting activities throughout the land. Malaysia is a family-friendly version of Thailand with excellent theme parks and nature parks.

Any international travel involves meticulous planning and most often anxiety-filled visa processes, but not when you know the smooth way of getting your Malaysia visa done with Blinkvisa at no cost to you. You will even get 100% of your visa fees back allowing you to convert your Malaysia visa expense into travel expense.

This article is exhaustive as per the new update on February 2020. You can read the article from the beginning or use the index given below to go to the specific topics.

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Yes. We are authorised agents working with WindowMalaysia for easier processing of your Malaysia visa.

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Brief Comparison of Malaysia Visa Types & Fee
1. Malaysia eNTRI visa
2. Malaysia Single Entry eVisa (30 Days)
3. Malaysia Multiple Entry eVisa (30 Days)
4. Malaysia Multiple Entry eVisa (1 Year)



malaysia visa 100% cashback

What is Malaysia Visa?

Malaysia visa is an endorsement or an acknowledgement that the holder of the travel document (passport) mentioned in your visa copy has been granted permission to visit and exit Malaysia based on the conditions of your visa type.

All Malaysia e visas are paper visas. You will receive it in your mailbox as a PDF document. You can take a printout, and take it with you on your travel along with other required documents.

Depending on what type of Malaysia visa you have applied for, the duration of stay and validity may vary.

If you search online for a Malaysia visa, you may find references to eVisa, e-Visa, e Visa, and online visa but in reality, they’re all the same. eVisa basically means Electronic Visa, and as already mentioned, it is an online visa you receive as a document.

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What are the Different Types of Malaysia Visas?

There are 4 types of Malaysia visa for Indians. If you are taking direct flight with no layover, then Malaysia eNTRI visa is the best choice.

Let’s start with the overview of the different types of visas Blinkvisa can assist you with.

eNTRI and eVisa types and validity

As with almost all the countries, depending on your purpose of visit you may opt for any one of the four visas. Blinkvisa can help you with the complete application process for Malaysia eVisa and apply on your behalf. However, in addition to these four, there are few other types like Business & Visit visa which Blinkvisa can assist you with the process.

You can apply from Blinkvisa smoothly without the need to spend too much time online. And guess what? The visa fee paid by you is credited back into your Blinkvisa wallet for you to use in booking flights, hotels, and activities.

1. Malaysia eNTRI Visa for Indian Citizens

eNTRI Malaysia visa is the quickest and least expensive tourist visa available for Indian and Chinese nationals. This visa can be applied just in one day and is usually applied by people with the least hassle. The main caveat when applying for this visa is that you must have a direct flight with no layovers in any country except Thailand, Singapore & India.

For example, you cannot take this visa and will be not allowed to board your flight if you have a layover in Colombo or trying to enter Malaysia from Dubai, Indonesia or Australia. You can, however, take this visa if you are taking a flight from India to Singapore and then a bus to Malaysia. Also, you are allowed to only enter once with eNTRI visa.

The visa is valid for three months and you can visit any time during its validity. However, you are limited to only 14 days of stay in Malaysia and must leave by or before 15th day.

It is a single entry visa, that means it allows you to enter only once in Malaysia throughout its validity. If you leave even before completing those 15 days, you won’t be allowed back in even if you’ve only spent one day in Malaysia.

i) When should I apply for Malaysia eNTRI Visa?

You will be eligible for a Malaysia visa if you meet the following criteria:

  • If you are an Indian citizen, you can only apply while residing in India.
  • With an eNTRI visa, you must take a direct flight from India to Malaysia, or a flight via Thailand, Singapore, or Brunei. And you can enter and leave from only these ports.
  • An applicant can apply for an eNTRI visa only once in 45 days. That means if a visa is rejected for some reason, you will be able to try again only after 45 days.
  • You need to stay for only a maximum of 15 days and by or before 15th you will have to leave Malaysia

Malaysia eNTRI visa processing time is only one day that means, once you apply for Malaysia eNTRI visa on Blinkvisa, you’ll have the visa in hand under 24 hours.*
eNTRI visa information

* Please note that the approval of a visa is completely dependent on the Malaysian Government.

ii) How much is Malaysia eNTRI visa fee?

The Malaysia eNTRI visa fee is INR 1980 but with Blinkvisa, you can get Malaysia eNTRI visa cashback of your entire visa fee in your BlinkWallet.

As already mentioned earlier, even though the visa is free for Indians, you do have to pay convenience and processing fee to the Malaysian government, but not to worry. Once you apply for Malaysia eNTRI visa through Blinkvisa, the entire amount is credited back into your wallet; so in actual, you convert your visa fee into travel expenses.

Initially, you will only have to pay INR 500 to get your process started. Once you pay this amount, you’ll immediately receive INR 1980 back into your account; even before you had paid the remaining amount.

Malaysia eNTRI visa fee

As you can see the Malaysia eNTRI visa fee cost breakup is explained AND you get the entire INR 1980 credited back into your account. The remaining amount can be paid after the approval of the visa.

iii) Where should I apply for my Malaysia eNTRI Visa?

Blinkvisa is a portal which provides you with ultimate smoothness and simple procedure on getting your visa done.

The special thing about Blinkvisa is that when you apply for a visa, you only have to pay INR 500 for your process to get started. The remaining amount only needs to pay after your visa is approved. Like other visa agents which ask you to pay the entire visa fee in advance, you don’t have to do that on Blinkvisa.

If for some reason your visa is not approved, you’ll have saved the rest of the cash and not only that, you’ll still have the entire INR 1980 in your wallet which you can use anytime.

2. Malaysia eVisa or Malaysia e Visa (Single Entry 30 Day eVisa)

Malaysia e Visa is a paper visa just like an eNTRI visa which you can apply online. But you can enter Malaysia from any country. You just have to upload the relevant documents and get your visa processed in three to four days. The thing that separates this visa from eNTRI visa is that this visa is not limited to only Indian and Chinese nationals. The validity of this visa is three months and you can visit any time throughout that time but you can only stay for a maximum of 30 days and you have to return by or before 30th.

What should I know about Malaysia Single Entry eVisa?

Malaysia single entry information

  • Malaysia Single Entry eVisa allows you to stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 30 days and by or before 30th, you should leave Malaysia.
  • Single Entry only allows you to enter Malaysia once on this visa. If you leave before completing these 30 days, you won’t be allowed to enter again on the same visa.
  • This visa can be used for tourism as well as for business purposes such as attending meetings, seminars or signing agreements.
  • The processing time for Malaysia Single Entry eVisa for Indians is 3-4 days.
  • Malaysia Single Entry Visa is valid for three months and you can enter any time during these three months.

What is Malaysia visa fee for Malaysia Single Entry eVisa (SEV)?

Initially, you have to pay INR 500 and the entire amount of total INR 3580 will be credited back immediately; so it’s like a free visa.

The visa process is completely online, which lets you make a secure online payment for Malaysia visa fee as well. The entire amount you pay for your visa fee, you’ll get it back in your wallet so you can use it as cashback to book your flights, hotels, and other activities.

Malaysia single entry visa fee

The visa fee of INR 2990 along with Blinkvisa charges of INR 500 + GST will be credited back into your account as cashback.

3. Malaysia eVisa or Malaysia e Visa (Multiple Entry 30 Day eVisa)

Just like Single Entry Visa, multiple entry Malaysia eVisa is also a short time visa where you can stay for a maximum of 30 days throughout its validity of three months. The difference lies in this being a Multiple Entry Visa. That means you can visit Malaysia for more than one time during these three months, but the total number of days you stay in Malaysia each time must not exceed 30 days.

This visa can be used for Tourism as well as Business purposes since you are allowed to visit multiple times on this, which may be a necessity during your business visits.

Malaysia eVisa Information

  • The processing time for Malaysia Multiple Entry eVisa is 3-4 days
  • You are not allowed to stay for more than 30 days in total
  • The visa is valid for three months which means you can travel any time throughout its validity

Malaysia multiple enrty visa information

What is the Malaysia visa fee for Multiple Entry eVisa?

Initially, you only have to pay INR 500 to get the process started. Once it’s done, the entire amount of INR 3780 will be credited back into your account. The breakup the total amount is explained below:

Malaysia multiple entry visa fee

Note: For Malaysia Single Entry and Multiple Entry visa you will have to leave Malaysia by or before the 30th day, and for eNTRI visa 15th.

4. Malaysia eVisa or e Visa (One Year Multiple Entry eVisa)

You can visit as many times as you can throughout the validity of one year, and there is no such limit as a total number of days you can stay, but you can’t stay for more than 30 days on a continuous single stay. Once you complete 30 days, you will have to leave and you can visit immediately again next week.

Basic information on Malaysia one Year Multiple Entry eVisa

This visa is not an online visa but a stamp on your passport. That means you will have to submit your original passport while applying for this visa. The Processing time for Malaysia One Year multiple entry visa can take more than a week since the documents need to be physically sent to the embassy.

malaysia one year multiple entry visa info

How much is Malaysia visa fee for 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa fee?

The cost/price/fee for Malaysia One Year Multiple Entry Visa fee is INR 7790 which includes Blinkvisa charges of INR 500 as well. But worry not as you’ll get the entire amount back in your wallet as soon as the process is started with the initial INR 500.

malaysia one year multiple entry visa fee

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Malaysia eNTRI vs Malaysia eVisa: Which one should I Choose?

At Blinkvisa, we always recommend eNTRI visa over eVisa based on the following differences:

eNTRI Visa eVisa
Max Duration of Stay 15 Days 30 Days for Single Entry
Fee/Cost INR 1980 INR 3580
Processing Time 24 Hours 3 Days or More


You should choose eNTRI visa only if you meet criteria already mentioned in eNTRI visa section above.

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How much is the Malaysia visa fee?

Depending on what type of visa you require, the fee differs; as explained below.

malaysia visa cost breakage

Regardless of the Malaysia visa fee, you will get the entire amount as cashback into your wallet which you can use later on to book flights or hotels. So basically your visa fee gets converted to your travel expenses.

As already explained; for eNTRI visa, the government doesn’t take the fee but the visa facilitation services do take convenience and processing fee or INR 1700.

How to pay Malaysia Visa fee?

As soon as you register your profile with us and upload the documents, you only have to pay INR 500 at first and your process will get started. Immediately you’ll receive the entire amount (not just INR 500 you just paid) as cashback into your account. E.g If you applied for eNTRI visa, you’ll get entire INR 1980 credited into your wallet.

When the visa is approved, you can pay the remaining amount and download the visa.

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What are the Requirements for Malaysia eVisa?

Once you decide the perfect visa as per your requirements, you will have to get started for the visa process. Blinkvisa provides you with the feature of getting your visa done smoothly with a minimal amount of your time. All you have to do is upload your documents on Blinkvisa and we’ll take care of the rest.

Detailed Document Specifications for Your Visa

  • Passport – Colour scanned copy of first and last page (Sample below)
    • Old passport also, if you have any
  • Visa application form, duly filled (we will do that for you)
  • Photograph (As per below specifications)
  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Proof of Accommodation like Hotel Bookings

document specification for visa

Malaysia Visa Photo Size & Specifications

Malaysia has a very strict policy on your photo requirements. If there’s one thing which can reduce your chances of getting your visa rejected, it’s having submitted an improper photo. Make sure the photo you provides meets the following criteria:

  • Taken in recent 3 months
  • White background with no border
  • Full face visible including ears
  • No caps, or any headgears unless religious reasons
  • 35mm x 50mm sized photo
  • If glasses are worn, there must not be any glare
  • Your face must cover at least 80% of the photo

malaysia visa photo size and specification

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Understanding Malaysia visa for Indians

Malaysia is one of the most popular and growing destinations among Indians and for the same reason, Malaysia visa for Indians is in demand right now.

Malaysia Visa for Indian Statistics

In 2018 alone, around 6 Lakh Indians visited Malaysia for Tourism as well as Business. Even now, Malaysia is in high demand among Indians and the need for Malaysia Visa for Indians has increased two-fold in the last few years.

Indian passport holders need a visa before arrival into Malaysia. Any visa which you can get without visiting the embassy is known as eVisa or E-Visa or Electronic Visa. Indians can apply for e-Visa completely online and get in delivered into their inbox. At Blinkvisa, we facilitate the process of your visa by applying on your behalf.

As of now, we’ve processed over 70,000+ Malaysian visas for Indians, and the chance of visa rejection is extremely low because our visa agents are experts in validating the documents and making sure everything is perfect before submitting to the embassy.

1. Do Indians Need to have Malaysia Visa?

Yes, Indian passport holders do need a visa to travel to Malaysia if they’re to visit for Tourism, Business Purposes, or visiting family or friends.

Some countries are exempted from visa for Malaysia that means they don’t need a visa to travel to Malaysia, however, India is not one of them.

a) As Indians, Can we get Malaysia visa online?

Yes. Indians are allowed to apply for their Malaysia visa online either by themselves or via qualified agents such as Blinkvisa. But you need to be careful when applying on your own since there are 4 types of Malaysia visas and if you get the wrong type, then it could harm your travel plan.

2. Are Blinkvisa authorised agents for applying for Malaysia visa?

Yes. Blinkvisa is one of the authorised agents to apply for Malaysia visa. We are partnered directly with WindowMalaysia to provide visa facilitation services & make it easier for you to get your visa.

Malaysia visa authorised agents

3. Is Malaysia Visa Free for Indians?

No, Malaysia visa is not free. There is some misconception around the web about Malaysian visa being free.

Earlier, Malaysian embassy was charging extra INR 1000 for Malaysia eNTRI visa, so the visa fee was INR 2800. But from July 2018, this fee was removed for Malaysia eNTRI visa only. Window Malaysia which is a visa facilitation service for Malaysia does charge a convenience and processing fee of INR 1700.

4. How can Indian Citizen travel to Malaysia for Free?

Although Malaysian visa is not actually free, however, you do have an opportunity to get 100% visa fee as cashback, which you can convert to your travel expenses like flights, hotels, and activity bookings from Blinkvisa.

When you apply for a visa through Blinkvisa, you will have to pay the initial amount of INR 500, and as soon as you do that, the entire amount is credited back into your Blinkvisa wallet. You can use this amount to book for your flights, hotels, or any other activities. Even though the visa is not free, we at Blinkvisa do make it as good as a free visa.

We’ve further explained about cashback and how to use it further in the article.

5. How can an Indian apply for Malaysia Visa?

The process of applying for a Malaysian visa is online so all you have to do is fill up some basic information like name and contact details. Our visa agent will get in contact with you under 30 minutes and explain you the process.

After that, you upload the scanned copies of your documents like Passport and photographs. You may also need to upload hotel and flight vouchers. Don’t worry if you don’t have those. Because once you apply for the visa, we will credit the entire amount as cashback to you which you can use for flight and hotel bookings.

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6. What are the types of Malaysia Tourist Visa for Indians?

As Indian, you have two choices if you wish to travel to Malaysia for Tourism purposes:

  1. Malaysia eNTRI Visa
  2. Malaysia eVisa

Malaysia eNTRI visa is the easiest & the cheapest tourist visa to get. Malaysia eVISA is slightly complicated but the process is much longer and much more expensive since you need to also pay Malaysia embassy fee which is around INR 1000. Both types of visas are explained clearly further in this article.

You can read more about eNTRI visa here.

7. What are the requirements for Malaysia Visa?

The documentation is common for both Malaysia eNTRI visa and Malaysia eVISA (e visa).

  • Scanned Colour copy of Passport (Front & Back Side)
  • Scanned Colour copy of Passport-Sized Photo
  • Return Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Booking or any other proof of Accommodation

Since this visa is processed in a short amount of time, the process is very simple. All you have to do upload the mentioned documents Blinkvisa portal and you’re done.

As soon as you make the initial payment of only INR 500, our visa experts will contact you and discuss with you your requirement and documents required. In the meanwhile, you can keep the mentioned documents ready.

You can see photo specifications further in the article or you click here to see the photo specifications now.

To know in detail about the document specification, you can read the article further or click here.

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Malaysia Visa On Arrival for Indians

Malaysia doesn’t have a normal VOA policy for Indian passport holders. However, it does provide VOA to Indian & Chinese passport holders only if you’re arriving from Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei or Thailand. You should also hold the valid visa from the country you’re coming from. There are specific entrances where a person can come from.

By Air:

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2
  • Bayan Lepas International Airport, Pulau Pinang
  • Sultan Ismail, Senai Airport, Johor
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah
  • Kuching International Airport, Sarawak
  • Langkawi International Airport, Kedah
  • Miri Airport, Sarawak
  • Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Selangor

By Land:

  • Tuas (Singapore) – Sultan Abu Bakar Complex (Second Link)(Malaysia)
  • Immigration Control Post, Sungai Tujoh, Sarawak
  • Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security Complex (ICQS) Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah

By Sea:

  • Immigration Control Post, Labuan International Terminal Ferry ONLY

VOA fee is RM 200.00 and visitors must show that they have at least USD 500 cash (or equivalent in Ringgit Malaysia) and confirmed return ticket.

Visitors are only allowed to stay for 15 days. Enforcement action based on the Immigration Act and Regulations will be taken against those who stay beyond the allowed duration.

Why shouldn’t you opt for Visa On Arrival for Malaysia?

  • The Malaysian government will charge around USD 100 which is more than twice the fee on Blinkvisa.
  • It is a single entry visa and only allows you to stay for a maximum of 7 days while as if you apply for eNTRI visa, you can stay for up to 15 days.
  • You need to have a valid visa from either Singapore, Indonesia or Thailand to be eligible for visa on arrival.
  • Waiting time at the entry port is more than two hours.

These are the reasons you shouldn’t consider Visa On Arrival. We only suggest you go for VOA in extreme emergency cases.

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How to apply for Malaysia eVisa?

One of the most critical things about the visa is its application process. Almost 1 in every 10 visa applications are rejected by the Malaysian Government due to improper or unclear documents, mistakes in the form, or missing documentation.

On Blinkvisa, we have simplified the process in these easy steps.

  1. Visit Blinkvisa
  2. Select the visa type of your choice and click on Apply for Visa.
  3. Give your personal and travel details.
  4. Pay just Rs. 500 to initiate the visa application process. You’ll receive the cashback immediately.
  5. Blinkvisa will assign a visa expert to you, and he/she will explain the required documents to support the application.
  6. Upload the scanned copies of the required documents.
  7. Once your visa is approved, you’ll be notified by SMS and E-Mail about the same
  8. Pay the remaining amount and download your Malaysia visa.

apply for Malaysia visa

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Incomparable Benefits which Make Blinkvisa #1 Choice for Malaysia Visa

You get lots of benefits while applying for a visa which no one else can provide:

  1. 100% cashback on the entire visa fee. Yes, entire visa fee including Blinkvisa charges as well as Taxes you’ll get back in your wallet; that too with unlimited validity. That means once you earn the cashback, it never expires. You can use it at any time.
  2. Personalized travel itinerary specially customized only for you, to enjoy with your friends and family.
  3. Huge discounts on flights and hotel bookings.
  4. Visa applied on your behalf so once you submit documents, we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about status as well since we’ll keep you updated on every step with our dedicated Visa Experts.
  5. Payment of only INR 500 to be made while applying for a visa so no risk of losing money if for some reason visa gets rejected. The rest to be paid only after the approval of the visa.
    • Special: Most travel organizers or even official site will ask you to make payment in advance while applying for a visa. And if visa gets rejected, the fee is not returned back; but with Blinkvisa, since you only have to pay INR 500, you don’t lose any money because even this amount is returned back to you as cashback whether or not your visa is approved.
  6. Dedicated portal for Hotel, Flights, Sightseeing and other Activities bookings.

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How can I use Cashback to book Flights & Hotels?

Once you pay the initial amount of INR 500 to start the visa process, you’ll immediately receive the cashback of INR 1980, INR 3580, INR 3780, or INR 7790 depending on which visa you applied for.

You can use this cashback to book flights, hotels, and activities on Blinkvisa portal. You’ll get attractive discounts on such bookings as you can see the example:

Hotel Discounts

malaysia hotel discounts

Flight Discounts

malaysia flight discounts

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Frequently Asked Questions for Malaysia Visa

1. How can I use the cashback I earned?

The cashback is automatically applied as a discount when you go to our booking portal.

2. Can an Indian apply for an eNTRI visa from any other country?

An Indian can only enter into Malaysia from India so applying from another country is not a viable solution since you’ll first have to arrive in India, then go to Malaysia.

3. When should I apply for Malaysia visa?

For eVisa, we recommend you apply for at least a week ago however minimum 3-4 days are necessary. For eNTRI visa, you can get it in 24 hours.

4. Can an Indian get Visa On Arrival in Malaysia?

Yes, You can. However only when you have a valid visa for either Singapore, Indonesia, or Thailand. To know more read why shouldn’t you choose VOA as an option.

5. How do I know if the visa you provide is authentic?

You can check the authenticity of the visa on the official website (

6. What happens when I arrive at Immigration in Malaysia?

You will be asked a few questions about your travel. You will also have to present your hotel booking and return flight ticket.

Note: You may be denied entry if the information on your visa and travel document like a passport doesn’t match.