The thriving tourism of Thailand beckons tourists globally. A complex blend of well-developed tourist attractions and the off-beat paths certainly makes for a vacation of a lifetime. And, as an exotic Southeast Asian tourist attraction, most of the countries require an evisa Thailand or a Thailand eVOA to experience the Thai essence.

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All About E-visa Thailand

E-visa Thailand is an electronic visa that allows you to enter the country for a continuous stay period of 14 days. After this, you must exit the country on or before the 15th day.

Thailand Visa cashback

Unlike a stamp or sticker visa, an e-visa is a paper visa. In fact, upon approval, it is sent to your registered email id in the form of a PDF. While travelling, it is important to keep a couple of your Thai visa printouts handy.

Thailand E-visa information

Thailand visa stay

Salient features of tourist e visa Thailand

1. eVisa Thailand for Indians and otherwise is a single-entry visa that enables you to enter the country only once using the visa.

2. The e-visa grants a stay period of up to 15 days where you must leave the country on or before the 15 days.

3. At Blinkvisa, we process it under three working days.

4. It can be used to visit Thailand for recreational and business purposes.

5. You can also use it to visit your friends/relatives residing in Thailand*

*During such instances, the host must provide a covering letter specifying your relationship with the host, the purpose of your visit and stay period.

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What you cannot do with your tourist e-visa Thailand

1. It is not to be used as a residence permit.

2. You cannot use it as an employment/job/work visa.

3. One cannot invest in a business or start a business in Thailand using

Thailand eVOA or Visa on Arrival

The visa on arrival in Thailand is a facility available for select countries including India. However, it is not free and may go up to 20000 Thai Bhat. Thus, we recommend you to opt for a tourist e-visa Thailand for Indian passport holders instead.

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eVisa Thailand saves you both money and time

despite the availability of visa on arrival, it is always safe to travel to any foreign destination with an advance visa. This is because there are high chances for ones visa on arrival to be denied.

Planning a foreign holiday involves a lot of expenses. And when you are not allowed to enter the country, everything goes for waste. 

Moreover, at the airports, you can find many travellers waiting for their turn to get a VOA. That being said, rather than spending the first few hours (up to 4 hours) in the queue awaiting your visa, why not explore the country instead?

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evisa Thailand fee

100% Cashback on your entire Thailand visa fee is an advantage exclusively offered at Blinkvisa. Thus, when you apply for your e-visa Thailand for Indians through us, it is like spending nothing at all on your visa fee.

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How does cashback work?

Still uncertain about it? Here is how the cashback works;

1. The first step of applying for your Thailand E-visa is similar to applying with any visa agents.

2. The major difference with Blinkvisa is that while you pay the entire visa fee (service charges + tax + visa fee) to those agents, at Blinkvisa, you only have to pay INR 500 (Service charges)

3. Though you only pay INR 500, the cashback given to you is INR 2140!

4. Soon after our visa experts will call you requesting for mandatory documents essential for visa approval

5. Using the cashback, you can book your flight tickets to Thailand, book hotels for your stay and also other travel activities.

6. The cashback reflects in your Blinkwallet (linked to your registered email id) as Blinkcash

7. Blinkcash further saves you money by unlocking discounts of up to 25% on your flight tickets, hotel bookings, etc.

The bottom line is, you get the complete value on your Thailand e visa fee with Blinkvisa.

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Thailand evisa Requirements

  • Scanned copies of the first and last pages of your passport
  • A scanned copy of your passport-sized photo
  • Confirmed Flight Tickets*
  • Proof of Hotel accommodation (pre-bookings, reservations, etc)*
  • Thailand travel itinerary

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How to Apply for Thailand Visa?

Apply for Thailand visa

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E visa Thailand FAQs

1. What is an evisa Thailand?

evisa or electronic visa is an advance visa that allows you to enter the country up to the allowed entry type. In the case of Thailand evisa, it is a single-entry visa that allows you to enter Thailand only once.

2. Is my eVisa stamped on my passport?

Unlike a stamped visa and sticker visa, an electronic visa is linked to your passport electronically.

3. Should I have confirmed return flight tickets to apply for a Thailand evisa?

It is essential to be furnished upon landing in the country when needed. However, at Blinkvisa, you can apply without the flight tickets. Needless to say, we recommend you to opt for one before travelling.

4. When should I apply for my Thai visa?

We recommend you to apply at least a week (seven working days) before your intended travel date.

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5. Is Thailand visa for Indians free?

Deleted: Whether it is a Thai visa for Indians or tourists of other countries, evisa Thailand is not free when required to enter the country. However, with Blinkvisa, getting your Thailand visa is like not spending anything at all. This is because of the instant guaranteed cashback, for the complete information, read,