Around 35 million people visit Thailand every year with the crush to explore the verdant jungles, towering temples and aquamarine water surrounding its immaculate islands. However, depending on your citizenship and the amount of time for which you wish to visit, you will require a visa in order to travel to Thailand. Eligible citizens can get a Thailand visa on arrival from queuing at the border or to save hassle, can definitely apply via the online Thailand tourist visa prior to travel.

So, what is the best pick when it comes to applying for a Thailand tourist visa? Is it the easy Visa On Arrival or the formal pre-approved tourist visa? Fret not! This blog will provide you with complete information and help you decide on choosing the right way of getting the visa to scintillating Thailand.

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Thailand Visit Visa at a Glance: The Basics

1. A Thailand tourist visa

2. Thailand Visa On Arrival

Things to remember:

  1. The visit visa to Thailand is an electronic visa or a paper visa which means the visa will be a pdf of which you need to print out and carry when you visit Thailand.
  2. If you are planning a holiday in Thailand, a tourist or business visa that is valid for 30 days will allow you to enter the country only once.
  3. The average processing time for a Thailand eVisa is approximately 7 working days. But with Blinkvisa, you can get it in just 2-3 working days.

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Thailand Visa cashback

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Thailand Visa On Arrival V/s Thai e-Visa:

While both visas mean you can travel to Thailand for the purpose of visiting your near and dear ones and roam around to explore the beautiful country, they have different requirements, separate application processes, and terms. Read on to know more about the different types of visas for Thailand here:

Visa Upon Arrival to Thailand – Is it really a backpacker’s boon?

One of the attractive things about Thailand is that you can get a Thailand tourist visa on arrival if you are staying for less than 30 days. But you need to also make sure to cross-check to see if the airport you are arriving at offers VOA, having said that you should be fine if you are flying into Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

Please ensure when booking your flight you are flying into an airport that accepts Visa’s on Arrival. Visa on Arrival service is available 24 hours at each of these International airports in Thailand :

1. Phuket International Airport

2. Don Muang Airport, Bangkok

3. Suvarnabhumi International Airport

4. Samui Airport, Surat Thani

5. Chiangmai International Airport

6. Hatyai International Airport, Songkla

Important: Indian citizens can get the Visa on Arrival service from and of the 32 designated channels of Immigration checkpoints.

Is Thai Visa On Arrival actually free for Indian citizens?

The Thailand tourist visa is not free and Indian tourists will need to pay a certain amount of charges, (at least 2000 Thai Baht) as visa fee at the immigration checkpoint. And when it comes to opting for traveling to Thailand without a visa, one of the biggest cons is that you might end up being stuck in revolving norms and regulations.

The aircrew will provide you with arrival and departure cards. After filling out the forms, you will then make your way to immigration once disembarked from the plane, and along the way, you will see benches on the wall with forms and pens. Ensure you fill out one of these forms, and then you can proceed to the immigration waiting for lines.

You can never imagine the number of times, Thai government has changed their visa rules for their visa policies and you might get questioned at the counter by the authorities after your arrival. Trust me, you don’t want it to be a holiday killer! Hence, that is why it is safer to take a visa from India and then travel.

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Blinkvisa ensures that the Thailand visa online application process is clear and hassle-free. Also, that your trip is not ruined by any unforeseen visa dismissal.

Documents needed:

Travellers should ensure that they travel with the correct documents in order to receive an approved tourist visa at the Thai border.

1. Valid passport from a country eligible for Thailand visa application (with at least 30 days of validity)
2. 2,000 THB for the visa fee (payable in cash in Thai currency)
3. Proof of a return flight within 15 days of your stay

Please note: The visa will only be approved if it is for touristic purposes and all applicants should have evidence of a return journey within 15 days of entry. Failure of the same could result in the refusal of your Thai tourist visa.

5. A Thai address should be registered for your stay (e.g. hotel address).
6. Applicants must prove that they have funds of 10,000 THB per person and 20,000 THB per family for your visit to Thailand.

The Challenges you Will Face:

  1. Thailand Visa On Arrival permits you to stay only for 15 days, unlike a pre-approved visit visa that makes you eligible for 30 days.
  2. Your visa can get rejected/denied at the immigration checkpoint anytime and for reasons unknown and you might end up cancelling a much-awaited trip.
  3. There would be hundreds of tourists flocking Thailand who would have opted for VOA and you might be one among them to get lost at the immigration queue for least 2 to 3 hours.
  4. Carrying sufficient funds with you or showing proof of funds will be required at immigration.
  5. You cannot get the visa by just showing up at the counter, you must have valid documents like valid photographs and hotel confirmation receipts.
  6. While free visas on arrival might be true for particular citizens, for some it would definitely cost time and money. You might also have to pay unanticipated forex charges that would turn your budgeting trip upside down.
  7. You must also be aware of your exit information, flight numbers/dates etc. to write on the departure part of this form along with the exit boarding pass or proof of exit ready to show them if they should ask.

Thailand e-visa – any traveller’s best choice!

Requesting a Thai eVisa is much more simple than the visa on arrival. There is no hassle of visa rejection nor any burden of extra charges. All you have to do is to apply online through Blinkvisa, submit the necessary documents and get your pre-approved visiting visa in hand!

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Documents needed:

Just like Thai Visa On Arrival, it is mandatory to submit your valid passport, photographs, flight details and hotel reservations for getting an eVisa stamp. The only difference is that with a Thai online visa in hand, you can travel peacefully and pass through the checkpoints without any hassle to tour your favourite destination!

Thailand visa details

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Why you should opt for a pre-approved Thai visa?

  1. Entering Thailand securely and without any uncertainty of getting stuck at the airport.
  2. The luxury of staying for 30 days straight and move around the country to visit your friends and photograph your favourite locations.
  3. No new visa rules by Thailand can change your dream trip to Thailand. You can make your journey memorable and satiate your cravings on those scrumptious foods you were hoping for.
  4. The cost of the visa is just 2140 INR including the Blinkvisa charges and 18% GST. You will be required to pay 500 INR as a registration charge for an initial application processing and then remaining, only after you get the visa!
  5. No extra forex charges or visa fees will trouble your expected budget plans.
  6. In case of any queries regarding the visa, our officials at Blinkvisa will reach you within half an hour and resolve your confusion.
  7. Through Blinkvisa, you can enjoy discounts up to 11% on your activities that you plan to do in Thailand and also get a custom made travel plan for you with the best hotels and affordable flights.

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How to apply through Blinkvisa?

Blinkvisa has a trusted base of customers because of our accurate processing and attractive offers. Unlike other travel agents, we get the complete fee from you only after your visa is approved and sent to you via mail.

Thailand visa fee

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Here are the simple steps that you need to follow:

Thailand visa for Indians

Once the visa is approved, it will be automatically downloaded in your account. If required, we also deliver your visa and documents at your doorstep!


1. Is Thailand visa on arrival available for Indians?

Yes, Thailand has enabled a visa on arrival for Indian nationals and one can avail the visa as soon as they land at the airport after they pass the immigration formalities.

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2. For how many days can I stay in Thailand with a visa on arrival?

One can stay for a period of just 15 days with a Thai visa on arrival. With a visa already taken, one can stay for 30 continuous days.

Thailand visa stay

3. Should I carry money along with me while travelling?

It is advisable to carry at least 10,000 to 20,000 Thai Baht for any emergency forex or visa charges that come in your way.

4. How can I save on my visa fee?

Blinkvisa offers a 100% cashback on all your online visas. You can avail of this cashback on your Thailand visa by applying through our portal.