Canada has always been a country that fascinated me as a child. In fact, it was one of my dream destinations. I was finally able to give wings to this dream. However, I soon discovered that Indians need a Canada visa to enter/travel the country (as in most of the cases). As with my previous experiences, the cost of getting a visa is quite high. In fact, the Canada visa fees may go up to INR 11280.

However, I was totally amazed when the complete Canada visa fee was credited back to me! While I had applied for a Canada visa for my spouse and self, I got double the visa fee back in my wallet*.

And, here’s how it happened…

Applying for a Canada visa whether online or offline is a tedious process and robs the joy of touring a foreign country. Moreover, we find numerous visa agents online who promise to deliver the visa but at the 11th hour fail to deliver it. And, such instances call for major disappointments in life.

To avoid such mishaps, I was extra cautious in picking the right visa agent.

Apply for Canada visa

And how did I choose…

While most of the agents promised to deliver the visa asap, there was one particular site that had me intrigued. What really did it for me was their free travel plan and a plethora of other benefits that were blaringly unique.

They also had the most transparent and no beating around the bush Canada visa application form.

Canada Visa Online at Blinkvisa

They have a standard Canada visa price as follows;

Visa Fee Blinkvisa Charges SGST + CGST Total Cost Avail Cashback
INR 10,100 INR 1000 18% INR 11280 INR 11280

Not only for Canada tourist visa, but they also offer cashback on all visas processed through them.

However, at first, I believed it was too good to be true, but only after experiencing it I was convinced of their authenticity. In fact, soon after the registration process, the complete visa fees reflected in my account linked with my Blinkvisa user id. That is, as I had applied for two visas, I received a cashback of INR 22560.

About my Canada tourist visa for Indians

Blinkvisa presently offers a multiple entry type visa that is valid for up to a period of 10-years. As a multiple entry visa, it entitles the visa holder to enter Canada multiple times during the visa’s tenure or validity. And for each entry made, one can stay up to a period of six continuous months.

Canada visa information

The fact is, Canada is a vast country that inspires you to revisit the nation for every holiday. Thus, a Canada tourist visa enables access to the country for a span of 10-years. While there are numerous places in the country worth visiting in one’s lifetime, Canada tourist visa is your key to explore the second-largest country in the world.

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Revisiting Cashback Attraction

As I mentioned earlier, I received an instant cashback of INR 22560 in my account. This happened in the form of Blinkcash that was credited to my Blinwallet, which is linked to my registered email id.

The Blinkcash can unlock attractive discounts on travel expenses, the likes of flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other travel activities. I opted to land at Vancouver this holiday as it has many activities for travellers to indulge in.

For instance;

Canada travel activities discount

Or for instance;

Blinkcash discount on hotels Vancouver

Amazingly, Blinkvisa is not limited to Canada visa or activities, you can explore the best activities at a discounted price of all the countries. While the cost of each activity differs, so do the discounts.

Note: While I was able to save INR 6000 on activities, the price reflecting in the images may vary as per the seasons and availability.

Savings on flight tickets with Blinkvisa Cashback

Consider the illustration below, which is the actual pricing on flight tickets bound to Vancouver. Here, you can find discounts of up to INR 5000 on a single ticket.

Blincash discount on air tickets

Nevertheless, when I booked my tickets, I was able to save INR 12000. Now, this is something I would deem as getting value for money. These are just a few examples while you can hunt for many more discounts for various countries, you can find them all HERE.

Discounts on hotels

One can find a broad spectrum of hotels, right within your budget range. In fact, you could also apply filters to choose hotels based on the star ratings as well.

So how does one apply for a Canada visa?

Apply Canada visa online

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What are the Canada visa requirements?

1. Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your Indian passport

2. Scanned copy of your passport-sized photograph

Canada visa photo specification

  • The photographs must have a matt or semi-matt finish
  • It must cover at least 60%-80% of your face
  • Must have a white background, without any borders
  • The photographs must be of 35mm x 45mm dimensions
  • The name and date of birth to be written on the back of each photo (for offline applicants)
  • Make sure, the photo is not more than three-months-old
  • Avoid scanning photographs that have stamps or stapler marks on them

3. Cover letter

A covering letter from the applicant stating their name, passport number, purpose and duration of the visit.

4. Travel plan/itinerary

To get a custom-made travel plan covering your purpose and needs, click here!

5. NOC letter

For the complete information read, Canada Visa Requirements

Canada visa fees FAQ

1. Is my Canada visa fee refundable?

Unlike other visa agents, Blinkvisa does not charge you the complete visa fee for visa processing. You need to pay the remaining fee to download your visa. As soon as you register with Blinkvisa for visa processing, the complete visa fee of INR 11280 is credited to your account as cashback.

2. What can I do with my cashback?

The cashback is provided in the form as Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet. Revisit this blog for more information.

3. In case I cannot use my complete cashback, what happens to my remaining Blinkcash balance?

The Blinkcash has lifetime validity, which means you can use it anytime in the future.

For more information, visit Blinkvisa.