Applying for a Canada visa may seem to be an intimidating task. However, when you choose wise and right, you can avoid all the hassles. And, here is how I got my Canada visa the easy way with the two-phase Canada visa online application at Blinkvisa. Well, that’s not all, all the money that I spent on my family’s visas was credited back as cashback in my account. So, how to apply for Canada visa with 100% cashback?

Types of Canada Visa Online

But before getting into the Canada visa application process, let’s understand the various types of Canada online visas. Typically, the Canada visitor visa is the most preferred type for short stay periods of up to six months.

Canada visitor visa categories

  1. Canada tourist visa
  2. Canada business visa

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While they are categorised based on the purpose they serve, the Canada tourist visa for Indian passport holders is the popular one. It is because one may use it for a plethora of reasons. For instance, to visit friends or relatives or for tourism and recreational purposes.

Canada Tourist visa information

Canada Tourist Visa

Generally, Canada visitor visa is also referred to as the Canada temporary resident visa. And most often, the Canada tourist visa is also called a visitor visa. As we were visiting my relative residing in Canada (Vancouver), we had to go with Canada tourist visa for Indians. With this visa, we were able to stay in Canada for six months at a stretch. Needless to say, we had to exit the country before the complete six months were up.

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Canada business visa

As the term suggests, generally, the business visa is used for various kinds of business purposes. Nevertheless, it is not to be mistaken for a Work Visa and Business Class Immigration visa. The characteristics of the visa are similar to that of the tourist visa where the stay period, validity, and type of entry are concerned.

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How Much Did my Canada Visa Cost?

Honestly, spending on my Canada visa was unlike spending anything at all. Let me explain how! As mentioned earlier, all the money that was spent on our visas was credited back as the Blinkcash.

Now, let’s understand the Canada visa charges at Blinkvisa (the only visa agent providing complete cashback on visa fee)

Canada visitor visa fee

What I liked the most in my visa agent, other than the cashback, of course, is the fact that they ensure the utmost transparency in their service. They have a fair and square Canada visa price. As they deal with most of the countries’ online visas, they have definite charges based on the country you choose.

Understanding the Canada visa price breakup

They have a standard service charge of INR 1000 while for certain country’s visas, they charge INR 500. Thus, to kickstart the processing of your visa, you only need to pay INR 1000.

As I was dealing with this visa agent for the first time, I had my own set of apprehensions. It was because, most often, what sounds too good to be true is indeed too good to be true. And, I am glad I was wrong.

My experience of applying for Canada tourist visa through Blinkvisa can be compared to ordering food on Swiggy. In this case, your visa is delivered to your doorstep, literally!

So, how to apply for Canada Visa? Now, that’s easy too! But before digging up the Canada visa application, let’s go through the Canada visa requirements for Indian citizens.

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Canada Visa Requirements

The Canada visa requirements for Indians listed below are generally the common essentials for most of the Canada visa types. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the set of requirements that apply for specific visa types.

For a whole lot of Canada visa requirements for the different types of Canada visas,

Mandatory documents for Canada visa;

  1. Passport copy
  2. Copy of passport-sized photo*
  3. Cover letter*
  4. Invitation letter (visitor visa and business visa)
  5. Proof of sufficient funds
  6. Travel itinerary*

Apart from the documents checklist mentioned-above, based on the type of visa, additional documents may be required. While a copy of the first and last pages is essential, make sure it has a validity of at least six months. Also, the passport must also have at least two blank pages for visa stamps.

In our case, the letter of invitation was extended by our relative we were visiting in Canada.

These were the vital aspects stated in the letter;

The names of the visitors as on the passport. The relationship with the visitors. The identity proof, address, and contact information of the relative residing in Canada.

Note*: Blinkvisa offers assistance with cover letter, planning your travel itinerary, and configuring the photos as per the photo specifications.

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How to Apply for Canada Visa?

You can apply for your Canada visa either online or paper application (offline.) We applied for online Canada visa as we found it to be more convenient and easier. Moreover, the visa assistant guided me at every step of the application process.

So, here is how it goes!

At Blinkvisa, all it takes are a few simple steps and your visa is delivered to your doorstep. The key steps can be divided into the following stages;

Step I: Visit Blinkvisa and fill in basic information

  • Name as on the passport
  • Your email id
  • Tentative travel date
  • Your city
  • Tentative return date, etc.

After filing in the details, you will be requested to complete the registration process. It involves making a payment of INR 1000. In my case, we applied for four visas and received a cashback of INR 45129.

Step II: Upload the documents

The visa assistant contacted me within the first half an hour after registration. She provided me with the list of documents and also shared an online questionnaire, which I was asked to fill. It is important to fill the questionnaire as the visa assistant uses the information to apply for the Canada visa on our behalf.

Step III: Receive the visa

The visa agent assured me that I would receive the visas within 30 working days, and true to her words my visa was emailed to my registered id within the promised date.

The most astonishing part of all these stages is that, for processing the visa, I had to pay only INR 1000 for all the visas. That being said, I had to pay the rest of the visa fees for downloading the Canada evisa.

Note: It is important to take both colour printouts and the softcopy of your visas while travelling. 

All said and done, my Canada trip turned out to be one of the best trips of my life, thanks to the hassle-free visa processing by Blinkvisa.

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Canada visa FAQs

1. What is Blinkcash?

Blinkcash is the amount credited to your registered account. It is the cashback you receive on your visa fee. It reflects in your Blinkwallet that is linked to your registered user name.

Blinkcash unveils attractive discounts of up to 25% on your travel expenses like flight tickets, hotel reservations, etc. through Blinkvisa.

2. Is there a Canada visa on arrival in Canada for Indians?

Only select countries are eligible for a Canada visa on arrival. However, Indians with a valid Green Card and US visa can avail a Canada visa on arrival.

3. What is the processing time of Canada tourist visa?

Typically, it takes around 30 working days or business days to process a Canada visa.

4. What is the entry type of Canada visitor visa?

Generally, the Canada visa for Indians processed at Blinkvisa is a double-entry type visa.

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