Afraid to apply for Malaysia visa fearing rejection? You aren’t alone! Hundreds of Indians find the entire process to be intimidating!

Visa, a must-have to visit foreign countries, especially for Indian passport holders! While the visa application is quite tedious for specific countries, very few countries like Malaysia have a comparatively simple online visa application and approval process. Courtesy of the Malaysian government’s initiative to promote Malaysia tourism. However, despite this ease, two out of every five Malaysia visa applications of Indian citizens get rejected!

In this blog, you will learn how to apply for a Malaysia visa. We often recommend you to seek our visa assistance freely offered by our visa experts, right from visa application to your visa approval.

At Blinkvisa, we understand your disappointment and the foreboding sense of Malaysia visa rejection. We make it our sole mission to provide thorough Malaysia visa assistance to Indian residents to positively ensure their Malaysia visa approval.

Note: Malaysia visa is not free, where it may cost you INR 1980 to 3780 depending on your stay period and purpose of visit. But, when you apply for your Malaysia visa through us, you will get 100% cashback on your complete visa fee!

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Malaysia Visa, a Must for Indians to Enter Malaysia

Earlier, we established that Indians or specifically Indian residents and Indian passport holders need a visa to enter Malaysia. While there are three fundamental visa types, choosing the right one is of primary importance. Ipso facto, it is the first stage even before the application purpose. And, here is everything you need to know about the basic Malaysia visa types offered by us with a guaranteed 100% cashback!

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Malaysia Visa Fees

Visiting a foreign country either on a vacation or business purpose is indeed an expensive affair. The cost involved in procuring the visa also adds on to this huge sum. But, with us, you get an assured cashback on your complete visa fee. For instance, when you are travelling to Malaysia with the spouse, the cost of your typical 30 Days Single Entry Malaysia e visa would be INR 7160. And, as we provide you with a guaranteed cashback in the form of Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet, it is akin to a refund of your complete visa fee.

Here is the price breakup on your Malaysia visa with us. Depending on the duration of your trip, you can choose a visa that best suits your requirements.

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Criteria for choosing the right visa for your Malaysia trip

Whether you are visiting Malaysia on business or tourism or visiting a relative residing there, determining the round-trip you make matters. While most often,  when despite holding a valid visa, you are not allowed to travel or enter the country. Unfortunately, due to a lack of basic understanding of the visa criteria, most of the Indian tourists undergo this scenario.

Here are a few important pointers one must always consider while choosing specific types of Malaysia visas;

Electronic Travel Registration and Information (eNTRI)

Though both have a duration of 15 days, eNTRI visa is always better than Malaysia visa on arrival. It is because the latter involves a tedious process. It can be availed only after reaching Malaysia. Moreover, you cannot be certain about your Malaysia visa on arrival’s approval. However, eNTRI can be availed 48 hours before your travel schedule, and you can reach the country rest assured about entering it. Nevertheless, there are certain elements you need to consider while choosing Malaysia eNTRI visa and they are;

Flight considerations for Malaysia eNTRI visa

1. Indians residing in India must have a round-trip flight ticket to India. Nevertheless, the flight can either be a direct one from India or via Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei alone.

2. Indian passport holders residing outside India must take a round-trip to their country of residence. Also, they must provide a valid residence or work permit issued by the said country of residence.

Malaysia 30 days single and multiple entry visas

As the name suggests, a Malaysia 30 days single entry visa allows you to enter and exit Malaysia only once. On the contrary, a Malaysia 30 days multiple entry visa enables you to enter and exit the country multiple times. Meaning, a single entry visa is optimal for a short stay. As the validity of this visa is 90 days, if you exit the country within the validity period, you will not be allowed to apply for a Malaysia visa until the end of your visa’s validity.

Although 30 days multiple entry Malaysia visa enables multiple entries into the country, at every entry, one cannot stay in the country for more than 30 days. It means one must exit the country on or before 30 days.  In both cases, the stay cannot be extended for more than the stipulated duration for a single entry visa and stipulated validity for multiple entry visa.

Once you have determined the right kind of visa that will suit and support your impending trip to Malaysia, the most crucial step would be the Malaysia visa application process.

How to apply for a Malaysia Visa?

The most vital step that decides the fate of your visa approval is the application process. Understanding the finer elements and the necessary documents that will influence the status of your visa is critical. At Blinkvisa, we have simplified the steps to make it a lot easier with expert assistance at every stage of the application process. All you have to do is follow these below-mentioned steps;

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Note: The Malaysian Embassy rejects 1 out of 10 eNTRI visa applications reflecting discrepancy in the documents and information provided. And, upon rejection, one must wait for a period of 90 days to reapply. In contrast, the Embassy offers a chance for correcting the information in case of e visa. Hence, seeking the advice and assistance from a trusted visa expert like Blinkvisa will ensure that all the documents and information provided comply with the standards set forth by the Malaysian Embassy.

What are the Documents Required for Malaysia Visa Application?

The list of documents is yet another critical aspect that influences your visa approval. Our visa experts will ensure all your documents are up to date alongside performing vigorous scrutiny to ensure visa approval.

Malaysia visa documents checklist

Here is the list of the must-have documents for applying for a Malaysia visa;

  1. Scanned copy of the first and last pages of passport with at least six months’ validity and three empty pages for entry and exit stamps.

Malaysian visa requirements

  1. A clear soft copy of your photograph in JPEG or PNG format

Malaysia visa photo size

  1. Scanned copy of the birth certificate in case of children and minors.
  2. A NOC if the child or minor is travelling alone
  3. Travel itinerary in PDF format (get it from

In addition to those mentioned above, here is the list of the documents subject to inspection when you arrive at the Malaysia airport;

  • Original passport with which you applied for the Malaysia visa
  • Colour printout of your Malaysia Visa
  • Boarding pass.
  • Proof of carrying sufficient funds in the form of Cash/ Debit or Credit Cards
  • Confirmed returned flight tickets
  • Complete travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation (Hotel bookings or reservations)

Note: In case of staying with a host. You need to provide evidence of the same in the form of a cover letter issued by the said host along with their proof of identity and residence.

Having a well-planned travel itinerary is a must to visit Malaysia.

Malaysia Travel Plan

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How to apply for Malaysia visa FAQs

1. Do Indians need a visa to visit Malaysia?

Yes, Indian residents and passport holders require a Malaysia visit visa to enter and exit the country. You can either acquire an e visa or an online visa (eNTRI, 30 days single entry visa, 30 days multiple entry visa.) Or, you can also apply for Malaysia visa at the Malaysian Consulate or Embassy through any of the Visa application centres in India.

2. What is the difference between single entry and multiple entry Malaysia visa?

A single entry Malaysia visa enables you to enter and exit the country only once. After which, you must wait out for the visa’s validity to expire and apply for a new Malaysia visa to revisit Malaysia.

A multiple entry visa allows you to enter and exit the country multiple times. However, you must leave the country on or before 30 days after every entry you make.

3. How is an eNTRI visa different from Malaysia 30 days single/multiple entry visas?

An eNTRI allows you to enter the country via India, Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei only. While there are no such restrictions in the case of Malaysia 30 days single/multiple entry visas.

4. What should I do after my Malaysia visa is approved/confirmed?

You need to pay the remaining visa fee to download your e visa. You will need to carry a clear colour printout of your Malaysia e visa for scrutinisation at the entry checkpoint.

5. How long does it take to get Malaysia visa?

The time taken to process an eNTRI is 2 hours. However, it is ideal to apply for Malaysia eNTRI at least 48 hours before your intended trip. Malaysia 30 days single/multiple entry visa is 3-5 days. We recommend applying for Malaysia e visa at least 2 weeks before the intended travel to Malaysia.