Most often, when travelling to international destinations, one may have to change flights or board connecting flights in another country. While in most cases, you may not have to leave the airport, there are instances where the layover period may exceed 10 hours. Likewise, when you are transiting to a third country, with a layover at Kenya not exceeding 72 hours, you need a Kenya transit visa.

In a nutshell, Kenya transit visa for Indians or other nationals is meant to transit via Kenya. Thus, when you want to explore the country during your layover you must apply for a Kenya visa.

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When Would I Need a Kenya Transit Visa?

  • In the case, you need to clear with immigration to change terminals
  • The PNR number on the ticket to board the connecting flight is different
  • When the layover time is more than 8 hours and less than 72 hours
  • In the case, you require to leave the airport and enter Kenya

Note: A Passenger Name Record or PNR number is generated for every ticket booked. Thus, when you have the same PNR number and the layover time is only a few hours, you do not need a transit visa as you would not leave the terminal.

Salient features of Kenya transit visa

Kenya transit visa

  • It is a single-entry type visa
  • You can stay up to 72 hours in Kenya using this visa
  • For transit visa approval, you must furnish the confirmed round-trip tickets
  • You also need to produce the valid visa of the third country you are going to via Kenya
  • It strictly serves the purpose of transitioning through Kenya
  • All nationals except for the Kenya visa-exempt nations must apply for a transit visa if the layover period is not more than 72 hours
  • You cannot apply for a transit visa when your destination country is Kenya alone
  • Indian passport holders must apply from India only

For instance

You can apply for a Kenya transit visa when you are travelling from India to Kilimanjaro and the connecting flight is from Kenya. You cannot apply for a transit visa when your destination country is Kenya, for example, India-Kenya-India.

Kenya transit visa fees

Kenya transit visa fee

You will get a 100% cashback on your Kenya transit visa only at Blinkvisa. Now, let’s see how it works.

Understanding the visa Kenya fee break-up

Typically, when you apply for a transit visa via government sites or visa agents, you must pay the complete visa fee for processing and availing the visa. On the contrary, with Blinkvisa, you must only pay the service charge of INR 500 for the processing of your Kenya transit visa. Only after visa approval, you would be asked to pay the complete visa fees.

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What are the Kenya Transit Visa Requirements

Presently, we process the Kenya transit visa for Indian passport holders. The Kenya visa requirements for Indians are as follows;

  1. The scanned copy of the first and last pages of your Indian passport.
  2. Passport must have a minimum of three blank pages and a validity period of at least six months.
  3. A colour-scanned copy of your recent passport-sized photograph
  4. Confirmed air tickets (round-about)
  5. Confirmed proof of accommodation like hotel bookings or vouchers
  6. Visa copy of the third country you are transiting via Kenya

Note: Children or minors (18-year-old and below) when travelling alone, must furnish a ‘no objection letter’ issued by parents/guardian.

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Kenya transit visa photo specifications

  1. The photo must have 80% of your face covered in the frame
  2. It must be of the dimensions of 35 x 45 mm
  3. Make sure that it is clicked against an all-white background
  4. Have neutral expression in the picture
  5. Avoid wearing spectacles as they may glare
  6. avoid wearing religious headgears. If unavoidable, ensure 80% of your face is visible

Note: It is essential to submit a recent photograph only as the immigration officials may ban your entry if otherwise.

Kenya transit visa FAQs

1. Is there a Kenya transit visa on arrival?

The Kenya transit visa on arrival grants a stay period not exceeding 24 hours. Thus, when the layover period is more than 24 hours, you must apply for an advance Kenya transit online.

2. Is my Kenya transit visa fees refundable?

You get a 100% cashback on your Kenya visa fee with Blinkvisa, which is akin to a refund. However, you cannot encash the cashback.

3. What is my layover period is more than 72 hours?

In such instances, we recommend a Kenya tourist visa.

4. What is the Kenya transit visa fee for children and minors?

Children aged 16 and below can travel with their valid passport only. They need not apply for a Kenya visa.