Want to explore the wonderful country of the Republic of Kenya, but worried about the visa process? Here is the hassle-free Kenya visa online at Blinkvisa with a simple two-step application process. It is not only simple and easy to apply, but you will also get a 100% cashback on your Kenya visa fees!

What is Kenya Visa Online?

Kenya visa online or Kenya eVisa facility is granted to select countries. While the rest are either visa-free or require a Kenya referred visa or Consulate visa. Here is my experience on how I applied for my Kenya visa online through Blinkvisa.com.

Apply e-visa Kenya

The complexities involved in getting a visa

As Indians, we are often required to apply for visas to visit most of the countries with only a few countries being the exception. Though off-putting, it is a meagre pit-stop to enthusiastic travellers. If you are someone like me, you understand that the complexities associated with acquiring a visa are worth it! Especially when you experience the differences and similarities, deviations right from the landscapes, culture, cuisines, and whatnot.

The convenience of online visas

However, Kenya is one of the few countries that has the option e-visa for select countries. And India is not at the short-end of the stick with Kenya visa. Thus, I applied for a Kenya visa a week before my intended travel date. But my visa agent delightfully surprised me by getting it delivered to my email in just two days. Now that is what I call easy.

The popular types of Kenya e visas

When I visited the official website of Blinkvisa, I came across two types of Kenya online visas. They are;

However, before understanding the key features, requirements, and visa fees, it is imperative to find out if you need a Kenya visa or not.

So, which are the countries that are eligible for an e visa, and which are the countries requiring a mandatory Kenya Consular visa or referred visa?

Kenya Visa Policy Map


Kenya e visa and visa Kenya in advance Wikipedia

Countries that require a Consular Visa

Kenya consular visa eligible countries

For more information on Kenya Referred Visa or Consular Visa, read Kenya Visa Application – Online and Referred Visa

When would you need a single-entry Kenya tourist visa?

Kenya tourist visa for Indians sometimes referred to as the Kenya visit visa for Indians is a single-entry visa. It has a validity of 90 days from the date of visa approval. It means you must enter the country before the expiry of the visa’s validity. The stay period is determined by the Kenyan Embassy.

Note: As the stay period majorly depends on the day you exit the country, the Embassy mandates the applicants to furnish their round-trip tickets for visa approval. 

Apart from recreational purposes, you may also use it to visit Kenya to participate in cultural festivals, job interviews, business expos, etc. When you use it to visit your friends/relatives based in Kenya, it may be referred to as Kenya visit visa. While a Kenya business visa is essential to visit the country for business purpose, Blinkvisa does not offer it at present.

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Kenya tourist visa

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When would you need a Kenya transit visa?

Kenya transit visa for Indians or other nationals is meant to transit via Kenya. Thus, when you are planning to enter the country during your layover in Kenya you must apply for a Kenya transit visa.

Scenarios to apply for a Kenya transit visa

  • When the PNR number of the connecting flight is different from the flight you arrived in
  • If you are required to leave the transit terminal
  • When you wish to exit the airport
  • If the layover time to board the connecting flight is not more than 72 hours

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Kenya transit visa

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Important: All the nations except the visa-exempt countries must apply for a Kenya transit visa.

What are the Kenya visa requirements?

I was asked to provide three vital documents, copy of my Indian passport’s first and last pages, a digital copy of my passport-sized photo, and confirmed round-trip flight tickets.

Typically, the Kenya visa requirements for Indians are as follows;

  1. Passport
  2. Passport-sized Photo
  3. Air Tickets*
  4. Travel Itinerary*
  5. Proof of Confirmed Hotel Accommodation*
  6. Covering letter*

Note: Blinkvisa offers assistance with covering letter. They also provide good discounts on hotel bookings and air tickets. Provided, you book them through their portal.

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For more information, read How to Save on Your Kenya Visa Fees?

Kenya tourist visa requirements for Indians

  1. The scanned copy of the first and last pages of your Indian passport that has a minimum of three blank pages and a validity period of at least six months.
  2. A colour-scanned copy of your recent passport-sized photograph. Refer to the photo specifications listed below.
  3. Confirmed air tickets (round-trip). In fact, it is a necessity for Kenya visa approval.
  4. Travel itinerary.
  5. Confirmed proof of accommodation like hotel bookings or vouchers.
Kenya visa photo specifications
  1. The photo must have 80% of your face covered in the frame
  2. It must be of the dimensions of 35 x 45 mm
  3. Ensure it is clicked against an all-white background
  4. Pose a neutral expression
  5. Avoid wearing spectacles
  6. In the case of religious headgear, ensure 80% of your face is visible
  7. In the case of long hair, ensure it’s tied back

Note: It is essential to submit a recent photograph only as the immigration officials may ban your entry is otherwise.

Kenya visit visa requirements for Indians

  1. Invitation letter from the friend/relative inviting you to visit them
  2. Copy of the visa or resident permit of the person inviting you

Kenya transit visa requirements for Indians

  1. Visa copy of the third country you are transiting via Kenya
  2. Round-trip confirmed tickets

How to Apply for Kenya Visa Online?

  1. Visit www.blinkvisa.com
  2. Fill in your basic details like name, tentative travel date, etc.
  3. Pay the registration fee (service charge of INR 500) to initiate the application process
  4. The visa expert will soon call you (generally within half an hour) to provide you with the documents checklist. The same is conveyed via SMS and email
  5. Once you upload the documents, they will process your visa in two working days
  6. After approval, pay the remaining visa fee to download your Kenya eVisa

All I had to do was follow a few simple steps and I received my visa Kenya in two days. I also give credit to my document sorting skills as the visa agent was able to process it as soon as I uploaded my documents.

For more information, read apply for Kenya Visa

Kenya visa FAQs

1. What is the processing time for a Kenya Referred to Visa or Consulate visa?

The processing time is about two months as the physical copies of the application must be mailed to the Consulate. Also because the visa approval is referred to the Director or Immigration Office, Kenya.

2. What is the validity of the Kenya tourist visa for Indians?

The validity is 90 days, it means you must enter the country on or before the validity expires.

3. What are the Kenya Visa Fees for Indians?

Visa Name Visa Fees Blinkvisa Fee (INR) Total Cost (INR) Avail Cashback
Single-entry Kenya tourist visa 3990 500 + 18% GST 4580 4580
Kenya transit visa 1990 500 + 18% GST 2580 2580

4. Is Kenya visa fee refundable?

Only Blinkvisa offers complete cashback on your Kenya evisa fee, which is akin to a refund. Thus, you can use the cashback to gain attractive discounts on travel expenses.

5. Is there a Kenya visa on arrival for Indians?

The countries that were previously eligible for a Kenya visa on arrival must now opt for Kenya eVisa.