Kenya beckons travel enthusiasts from around the world. And, especially the ones with a streak for adventure and admiration for nature and wildlife. However, Kenya is not limited to tourism. You can explore it for a broad spectrum of purposes like business, education, employment, etc. Thus, based on the purpose of your visit, you must apply for a visa. And each type of visa has its own set of requirements. So what are the Kenya visa requirements?

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A Complete Guide on Kenya Visa Requirements

While the common list of Kenya visa requirements remains the same, some additional requirements may apply based on the type of visa. Thus, before dwelling into the complete list of visa documents and requisites, it is important to understand the types of Kenya visas.

Apply e-visa Kenya

Common Types of Kenya Visa

  1. Kenya Tourist Visa
  2. Kenya Transit Visa
  3. Kenya Visit Visa
  4. Kenya Business Visa
  5. Kenya Work Visa, etc.

Note: Presently, at Blinkvisa, we process only Kenya tourist and Kenya transit visa for Indian Passport holders only. However, the availability of other Kenya eVisas would be updated on our site soon. 

A brief on Kenya tourist visa

Typically, the Kenya tourist visa serves the purpose of tourism. It is Single-entry Kenya visa. The stay period is determined by the date reflecting on your return ticket from Kenya. That being said, you can stay up to 90 days in Kenya. And, you must apply for an eVisa from the country of your residence.

Kenya tourist visa

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A brief on Kenya transit visa

Particularly it serves the purpose of transiting to a third country via Kenya. It is critical specifically when you have a layover period not more than 72 hours.

Kenya transit visa

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Kenya visa identity requirements

  1. Passport
  2. Digital photograph

Kenya visa basic requirements

  1. A colour scanned copy of the first and last pages of the passport
  2. Digital photo with Kenya visa photo specifications
  3. Confirmed round-trip flight tickets

Kenya business visa requirements

  • Invitation letter from the company asking you to visit for business purpose
  • Copy of the company’s registration documents

The invitation letter must furnish the following;

  1. Signature of the authority, the designation of the authorised person
  2. Name of the organization and the company’s stamp or seal
  3. Contact details, the purpose of visit, sponsorship details and other important documents if any

Kenya transit visa requirements

  • Valid visa of the country your transiting via Kenya
  • Proof of round-trip flight tickets

Kenya visit visa requirements

  • Invitation Letter from host/relative.
  • Identity card or the Passport or the entry permit of the host

Kenya tourist visa requirements

  • Travel itinerary
  • Proof of hotel bookings

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Kenya visa photo requirements/specifications

  1. The photo must have 80% of your face covered in the frame
  2. It must be of the dimensions of 35 x 45 mm
  3. Ensure it is clicked against an all-white background
  4. Pose a neutral expression
  5. Avoid wearing spectacles
  6. In the case of religious headgear, ensure 80% of your face is visible
  7. In the case of long hair, ensure it’s tied back

Note: It is essential to submit a recent photograph only, otherwise the immigration officials may ban your entry.

How to Apply for Kenya Visa?

We have a simple Kenya e-visa application process, which is divided into the following stages;

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your basic details like name, tentative travel date, etc.
  3. Pay the registration fee (service charge of INR 500) to initiate the application process
  4. Our visa expert will soon call you (generally within half an hour) to provide you with the documents checklist
  5. Once you upload the documents, we will process your visa in two working days
  6. After approval, pay the remaining visa fee to download your Kenya eVisa
  7. Take a couple of colour printouts of your Kenya eVisa PDF document while travelling

Kenya Visa Fees

As specified in the Kenya visa application process, you will pay only the Blinkvisa service charge of INR 500 for processing your e-visa. Hence, you pay the remaining visa fee to download the PDF file of your approved visa.

Visa Name Visa Fees Blinkvisa Fee (INR) Total Cost (INR) Avail Cashback
Single-entry Kenya tourist visa 3990 500 + 18% GST 4580 4580
Kenya transit visa 1990 500 + 18% GST 2580 2580

The important consideration here is that as soon as you pay the initial INR 500, the complete visa fee is credited to your Blinkwallet account in the form of Blinkcash.

Precisely, it means that you will get a complete cashback of INR 4580 on your Kenya tourist visa and INR 2580 on your Kenya transit visa respectively.

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Kenya visa requirements FAQs

1. What is Kenya work visa requirements?

A Kenya work visa is issued only with the thorough assistance of the Kenyan company granting employment. In fact, Kenya work visa is granted to a foreign national only after the employer who is based in Kenya can prove the following;

  • That hiring the foreign national would be beneficial to Kenya
  • The position cannot be filled by a Kenyan resident/citizen

2. Can I travel to Kenya without a Kenyan visa?

Only the following countries may enter Kenya without a Kenyan visa.

Kenya visa-exempt countries

Source: Wikipedia

3. What is the Kenya visa requirements for infants and children?

Children aged 16 and below are exempt from Kenya visa online. Thus, they need not apply for a Kenya visa. However, they must provide other valid travel documents while travelling to Kenya.

4. I do not have confirmed return tickets, can I apply for a Kenya visa?

Unlike other countries, the proof of confirmed return tickets is a must for Kenya Visa. It is because the stay period is dependent on the dates specified in your tickets. Thus, failing to produce the return tickets is subject to visa rejection.

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