Malaysia Online Visa: What Are The Advantages For Indians

Sep 10, 2019Malaysia visa0 comments

Malaysia online visa for Indians is part of the visa waiver program by the Malaysian government. This was proposed in order to entice more Indian tourists to their country. The electronic method has eased both time and effort in planning their trip. This convenience of visa processing is applicable for all Indian citizens- both residents and expatriates. 

In Summary, this article explains:

  • Malaysia Online Visa: A Special Convenience for Indians 
  • Malaysia online visa choices for Indians
  • Quicker visa saves you time!
  • Convenient to apply from your home
  • Flexibility with stay period

Malaysia Online Visa: A Special Convenience for Indians 

A Malaysia online visa, which is known as Malaysia e visa and malaysia eNTRI visa, is open for the nationals of










Sri Lanka

The Malaysia eNTRI visa is open only for Indian and Chinese nationals. No matter where you stay, all Indian passport holders may apply for this short term visa. It allows a quick trip to Malaysia from their country of residence.

The only condition here is that one must travel on a direct route from where they apply. Moreover, they must go back on the same route.  

Malaysia online visa choices for Indians

Malaysia Entri Visa

Malaysia eNTRI visa allows a short trip of a maximum period of 15 days. The visa processing takes one day. In addition, you can apply up to 48 hours before the travel time. 

Malaysia 30 Days Single Entry Visa

Malaysia 30 days single entry visa allows a stay of up to 30 days in Malaysia which makes it suitable for an extended vacation.

Malaysia 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa

The 30-days multiple-entry visa allows multiple entries within 3 months and 30 days to stay at a time. 

All Indian citizens having a valid Indian passport can apply for 3 kinds of Malaysia visa online, depending upon the travel plans. 

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Quicker visa saves you time!

Indians can get a Malaysia visa within a day or in 3-5 days, depending upon the visa type.

Not only is the visa quicker but it also demands very less number of documents.

The list of malaysia visa documents runs very short. If you have a valid passport, then half the documents are already with you.

If you have a computer, smartphone/scanner, documentation work is 90% done. Thus saving you loads of time. 

Convenient to apply from your home

All the online visas are the ones you can apply for from the comfort of your home. Malaysia online visa is no exception.

You can fill up the application form online and upload the documents in PDF or JPEG format.

The only hassle would be finding a picture of yours as per the Malaysia visa photo specifications which Blinkvisa can easily help with.

All these factors enable more convenience with the visa application procedure. 

Flexibility with stay period

The duration of vacation changes with each person.

The Malaysia online visa offers different visas with varying stay periods as well as entries into the country.

With the 3 types of visas, Indians can easily choose one that is most suitable for their travel plan. 

The Bottom Line

Malaysia online visa is a highly convenient option for all. Indians just need to make sure that they have documents to prove their current country of residence while proceeding with the procedure.