In order to entice more tourists to Malaysia, the Malay Government has introduced e Visa Malaysia. The electronic visa processing has lessened both the time and effort needed to get a visa for Malaysia. Indian tourists can also enjoy the convenience of online visa processing.

The introduction of e Visa has indeed made the visa processing easier. However, it is not free, though. An online visa for Malaysia can cost you up to INR 3780. This article explains everything you need to know about Malaysia visa online and how you can get it at no extra cost.

Malaysia Visa Online: A Special Convenience for Indians 

A Malaysia online visa is a convenience for only a few selected countries and India is one of them. The Indian passport holders can apply for three different types of Malaysia visas. The types of Malaysia visas available for Indians are-

eNTRI Visa 

  • Single Entry
  • Stay period 15 days
  • Cost of visa : INR 1980
  • Processing time : 1 day
Single Entry Visa

  • Single Entry
  • Stay period 30 days
  • Cost of visa : INR 3580
  • Processing time : 2–5 days
Multiple Entry Visa

  • Multiple Entry
  • Stay period 30 days
  • Cost of visa : INR 3780
  • Processing time : 3-5 days

One can apply for a Malaysia visa through the official website but applying it through the same has drawbacks such as no assistance. Here you will have to spend hours educating yourself about different types of visas. To avoid these hassles, you can apply for your visa from Blinkvisa. Along with the expert assistance in visa processing, it gives 100% cashback on the visa fee too!

How to get 100% cashback on your Malaysia visa with us?

At Blinkvisa, a travel startup, we aim to put an end to visa costs by converting all your visa expenses into your travel expenses.

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Blinkvisa is not only for your Malaysia visa, you can get a whole custom travel plan done for you to make sure you have an amazing trip while also using your cashback that you just got to provide you even more savings when you book your flight, hotel and other activities from Blinkvisa and also gain huge discounts on your activities.

Malaysia Travel Plan


Malaysia Online Visa Choices for Indians

Malaysia eNTRI visa

Malaysia eNTRI visa allows a short trip of a maximum period of 15 days. The visa processing takes one day. But the application of the visa must be done at least 48 hours ahead of the intended travel date. This is the cheapest & the easiest visa to get, hence we recommend this for most trips. The cost of eNTRI visa is INR 1980.

Important: You should apply for this visa only if you have direct flights from India to Malaysia with no layovers.

Malaysia 30 days single entry visa

Malaysia 30 days single entry visa allows a stay of up to29 days in Malaysia which makes it suitable for an extended vacation. You can enter only once in the country with this visa type. Apart from tourism purposes, one can use this visa for business purposes such as attending meetings, seminars or signing agreements.  The cost of Malaysia 30 days single entry visa is INR 3580.

Malaysia 30 days multiple entry visa

The 30 days multiple entry visa allows a number of entries within 3 months of validity. On each entry, one can stay up to 29 consecutive days. If you want an extended stay for more than 30 days, you are to exit and enter again. This type of visa is valid for 3 months. The cost of Malaysia 30 days multiple entry visa is INR 3780.

All Indian citizens having a valid Indian passport can apply for any of the 3 kinds of Malaysia visa online, depending upon the travel plans. 

Quicker Visa Saves your Time!

Malaysia visa for Indians can be processed within 1-5 days, depending upon the visa type.

This visa is not only quicker, but it also demands a very less number of documents. Thus, Malaysia visa requirements are indeed very simple. And more importantly, if you take the assistance of Blinkvisa, we will do all the needful regarding your visa application, saving loads of time.  What an applicant needs to do is upload the softcopies of the required documents.

The Convenience of Applying for Visa from Home

Applying for a visa and getting a cashback from the convenience of your home is now possible. All you need to do is submit your documents and allow our Blinkvisa executives to take over the task of getting you your visa.
The only hassle would be finding a picture of yours as per the Malaysia visa photo specifications for which Blinkvisa would help you.

All these factors add to the convenience of the visa application procedure, making it both simple and easy.