Did you know? Malaysia is one of the most visited travel destinations for Indians. In fact, India ranks among the top ten tourist countries visiting Malaysia.  Moreover, a gradual increase in the number of tourists visiting Malaysia has been recorded in recent years. Along with many other attractions, the easy availability of Malaysia visa for Indians is one of the prominent reasons for the increased flow of visitors to Malaysia.

Getting a Malaysia Visa online from India is very easy. But it may cost you up to INR 3780 for each visa. The blog explains everything you need to know about Malaysia visa and how you can get it without any additional cost.

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Malaysia Visa Overview

Malaysia tourist visa permits visitors to enter and stay in the country for a specific period.

Malaysia visa for Indians has an online procedure which makes the applicant get the visa via email.  The applicant has to take a colour print out and keep it handy while travelling to Malaysia.

Indians can easily obtain a tourist visa online either from the official website or through any visa agent. If you apply for your visa from the official website, you will get no assistance. On the other hand, applying for Malaysia visa through visa agencies like us will make the visa processing seamless. Along with the visa assistance, you will also get 100% cashback on the Malaysia visa fees!

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Malaysia Travel Plan

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Different Types of Malaysia Visa for Indians

Indians can apply for four different kinds of Malaysia visa. These are categorized depending on the number of allowed entries and stay period. The types of Malaysia visa are-

malaysia visa cost

Malaysia eNTRI visa

eNTRI is the quickest Malaysia online visa available for Indians. It takes just one business day to process your visa. It allows the visa holder to stay up to 15 days in Malaysia.  The applicant receives the visa via email. One needs to present the printed copy of the same while entering Malaysia.

  • Malaysia eNTRI visa allows you to stay for up to 15 days in Malaysia.
  •  It allows only one entry to the country.
  •  It is offered only to Indian and Chinese nationals.
  • An applicant can apply for only one eNTRI visa in 90 days period.
  • The validity of this visa is 90 days.
  • It takes one working day to process your visa.
  • One can not extend the stay period of the eNTRI visa.

Malaysia 30 days single entry visa

This visa can be used by Indian citizens who want to visit Malaysia for tourism or business purposes, including attending meetings or conferences.

  •  The validity of a single entry visa is 90 days.
  • The stay period is 30 days.
  • The visa applicant will receive the visa via email.
  • You have to download and carry the printout while travelling to Malaysia.
  • One can not extend the stay period of this visa.
  • The applicant does not need to submit any physical documents for visa processing.
  •  It takes 2-3 working days to process this type of Malaysia visa from India.

Malaysia 30 days multiple entry visa 

This visa is similar to the previous one. The only difference is the number of allowed entries in the country. Unlike the single entry visa, it will enable the visa holder to enter multiple times in Malaysia as long as the visa is valid.

This visa is ideal for those who need to visit Malaysia frequently. But there are some conditions which you have to meet to enter more than once in the country.

Note: Apart from the 30 days multiple entry visa, which is valid for 3 months, there is a 1-year visa valid for a year. However, in the case of the latter, for every entry made, the allowed stay is 30 days only. 

Conditions for the Multiple entry visa are-

  • The applicant must show proof of sufficient funds for staying in Malaysia.
  • The applicant must possess a confirmed return ticket.

Important:  You must leave the country on or before the 30th day of each entry. In case you overstay, you will have to pay the penalty, and this may become a reason for future visa rejections.

Malaysia visa on arrival for Indians  

Indian passport holders can get Malaysia visa on arrival only if they fulfil some conditions. Here are the terms-

  • He/she must hold a valid tourist visa for either Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia. One can get a visa on arrival only if you are arriving from any of the three countries.
  • Must have a valid return ticket to India.
  • Must have at least USD 1000 with you. It is to show as proof of sustenance during your stay in Malaysia.

If you satisfy the above conditions, you can get visa on arrival at the following entry points:


  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2)
  • Bayan Lepas International Airport, Pulau Pinang
  • Sultan Ismail, Senai Airport, Johor
  • Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Sabah.
  • Kuching International Airport, Sarawak.


 Tuas – Sultan Abu Bakar Complex ONLY

Note: The issuance of Visa on Arrival will cost USD 100 (INR 7000) and will be valid for 7 days.

Online visa or visa on arrival: Know your choices

This is a common confusion of many Indians visiting Malaysia. There are a number of conditions to qualify for a visa on arrival. One has to satisfy all the conditions in order to get a visa on arrival in Malaysia.

Moreover, there are some other disadvantages of applying for the same. Here are the points why you should better opt for an eNTRI visa over Visa on Arrival.

Why is Malaysia visa online better option for travellers?

Expense The cost of a Malaysia visa on Arrival is USD 100 (INR 7000) which is 330 RM for each visa. At the same time, the cost of an eNTRI visa with us is less than half of that.

Stay period– A visa on arrival will allow you to stay only for 7 days whereas you will get 15 days of stay period if you apply for an eNTRI visa.

The unexpected You need to have a valid visa from either Singapore, Indonesia or Thailand. Having a visa for any of the countries is mandatory for eligibility.

The wait– You need to wait for at least 2 hours or more to get your visa. Generally, the queue for visa on arrival is often too long. On the other hand, you can save that time by having a visa in advance.

Malaysia Visa Fees for Indians

The cost of a Malaysia visa online comprises three different components. It has the package fee, the service charges of the visa agency and the applicable tax. The visa fee may differ slightly from one visa agency to the other.

If you apply for your visa through us, here is the Malaysia visa fees which you have to pay for each type of visa-

  • Malaysia eNTRI visa fee is INR. 1980 
  • Malaysia 30 days single entry visa costs INR. 3580 
  • Malaysia 30 days multiple entry visa costs INR 3780
  • Malaysia 1 year multiple entry visa costs INR 7790

Here is the breakup of the visa fee for each visa type-

malaysia visa cost breakage

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Malaysia Visa Requirements for Indians

There are just a few documents required for Malaysia visa. However, it is essential to submit them all along with the application.

Here are the Malaysia visa requirements for Indian citizens

  • Scan copy of passport first and last pages
  • Copy of any old passports, especially if you have any previous visas issued from Malaysia or any other countries
  • The visa application duly filled and signed
  • Photograph as per Malaysia visa photo specifications
  • Confirmed return tickets (mandatory for eNTRI visa)
  • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation
  • Birth certificate if the applicant is less then 15 years old

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Malaysia visa photo specifications

The Malaysian government is very strict about the photo requirements. Any change in these specifications can lead to visa rejection.
Here are the specifications for the Malaysia visa photo size and more details

Malaysia visa photo size

  • The visa photo size should be 35mm x 50mm
  • The photo must be taken against a white background without any shadows
  • There should be no frame or borders around the picture
  • The face must have at least 80% of coverage without restrictions
  • Malaysia visa photo must be recent (within the last 6 months)

Documents required at the entry checkpoints

When you arrive at the Malaysia airport, you must have these documents ready for inspection.

  • Valid passport with which you applied for the Malaysia visa.
  • Malaysia Visa colour printout (eNTRI/eVisa as applicable).
  • Boarding pass.
  • Proof of sufficient funds (Cash/ Debit or Credit Cards).
  • Confirmed return flight tickets.
  • Complete travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the consequences of overstaying in Malaysia?

You cannot overstay in Malaysia. If you do so, you will have to pay the penalty for the same. You may also be denied to get a visa for your next trip.

2. Do minors need a visa to enter Malaysia?

Yes. Visa is mandatory for everyone who enters Malaysia, including minors. Please note that furnishing the birth certificate is necessary for children and minors.

3. If the information given on the approved visa is wrong, what should I do?

In such scenarios, you will have to reapply for a fresh visa. You can not make corrections on the existing visa.

4. Do I need to submit a bank statement, Aadhar card, etc., to apply for a Malaysia visa?

Generally, you do not need to submit those documents for a visa for Malaysia. But in rare cases, the embassy may ask for any of those documents. Hence it is advisable to keep those documents handy while applying for your visa.

5. Why was my Malaysia visa application rejected? How do I know the reason?

Consideration of each Malaysia visa application is on individual merits. Although, the officials do not reveal the exact reasons, here are a few common possible reasons-

  • Not submitting the right photo size as per the specifications.
  • Lack of any required documents coupled with any discrepancy of information provided.