Very few countries allow visa-free entry for Indian passport holders. Unfortunately, China is not among them. Needless to say, China is one of those countries, that beckons Indians. Whether it is to savour the authentic Chinese cuisine from the lands where it started or to indulge in a truly oriental holiday, China is that place! While getting a China Visa is not that simple, I was able to get mine with ease. All I had to do was find the right visa agent who delivers as promised. So, here is my experience of getting China Visa for Indians aimed to provide updated information for travellers with a trip to China in the near future.


All About China Visa

Basically, China has 16 major categories of visa marked with the Chinese phonetic letters L, M, F, Z, X1, X2, S1, S2, Q1, Q2, C, J-1, J-2, G, D, and R respectively. Refer to the list below for more details.

  • L Visa or Tourist Visa
  • F Visa or Non-commercial Visit Visa
  • M Visa or Business Visa
  • Z Visa or Work Visa
  • X Visa or Student Visa
  1. X1 – Student visa for study stay periods more than six months
  2. X2 – Student visa for study stay periods under six months
  • C Visa or Crew member Visa
  • J Visa or Journalist Visa
  1. J1 – Issued to journalists posted in China for at least one year
  2. J2 – Issued to journalists on assignments to China for short periods of up to 30 days
  • G Visa or Transit Visa
  • D Visa or Residence Visa
  • Q Visa or Family Visa or Personal Visit Visa
  1. Q1 (Long-term) – for stay periods exceeding 180 days
  2. Q2 (Short-term) – for stay periods up to 120 days
  • S Visa or Relatives of Foreigners Visa
  1. S1 (Long-term) – for stay periods of 180 days and above
  2. S2 (Short-term) – for stay periods in between 30 to 90 days
  • R Visa or Visa for Highly Qualified Persons

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How did I apply for my China visa in India?

Albeit not an e-visa, one can still apply for a China Visa Online. They have to fill in their basic details like name, email id, tentative travel date, tentative return date, etc. That is what I did with Blinkvisa who aid with China visa for Indian passport holders or Indian residents.

While I was apprehensive fearing the huge pile of documents, cover letters, and more, I was taken by surprise when all they required were my Indian passport and two latest passport-sized photographs.

China visa application process made easy

Thus, with only two major China visa requirements for Indians at Blinkvisa, applying for a China visa is rather easy. And, as their head office is based in Bangalore, I had to courier the required documents.

China visa requirements

Nevertheless, before sending it across to them, I had to complete the registration process by paying a visa initiation fee of INR 500 only.

Now, this too was a major surprise because before deciding on Blinkvisa, I had enquired with other online visa agents as well. And, the others ask for the complete visa fee to process the visa.

All you have to do is send in your passport and two passport-sized photographs via courier. On receipt of the documents, we will intimate the same to you via SMS and email. Needless to say, you will have to complete the online registration process with Blinkvisa before sharing your passport and photographs.

China visa online application

Summarising the China visa application process as follows;

  1. Visit
  2. Select the country and visa type, enter your email id, city, etc and click on the ‘Get Visa’ button
  3. You will be directed to the specific visa page of the country chosen
  4. Fill in the basic details like the number of applicants, tentative travel date, return date
  5. Make the payment of INR 500 and receive the complete visa fee as cashback
  6. Share your documents
  7. Receive your visa in seven to ten working days (the processing time may vary as per the courier service)

Blinkvisa Bangalore Address 

L-176, Ground Floor,
5th Main, Sector 6,
HSR Layout, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560102

China visa from Bangalore

As their head office is based in Bangalore, Blinkvisa provides China visa documents pickup and drop facility for Bangalore residents. It involves booking an appointment to schedule the pickup wherein their visa expert will collect the documents at the time specified by the applicant. On visa approval or otherwise, the documents are delivered back to the applicant. Thus, Chinese visa is delivered to your doorstep in the case of Bangalore residents.

How to apply for China visa from Bangalore?

  1. Visit
  2. Select the country and visa type, enter your email id, city, etc and click on the ‘Get Visa’ button
  3. You will be directed to the specific visa page of the country chosen
  4. Fill in the basic details like the number of applicants, tentative travel date, return date
  5. Make the payment of INR 500 and receive the complete visa fee as cashback
  6. Make an appointment for document pickup
  7. The visa is delivered to your doorstep within seven to ten working days

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China visa for Indians, a walkthrough

Typically, the processing time for China visa is 7 to 10 days and 3 to 5 days for express visa category. Presently, at Blinkvisa, they process the single-entry type visa. However, when the need arises, they ensured me that they would also cater multiple-entry type visa. Both tourist and business visa is valid for up to 90 days and entitles you to a stay period of up to 30 days.

China tourist visa

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China business visa is yet another type of preferred visa used for multiple business purposes. However, it is imperative to understand that one cannot use it to invest, start a business, or as a work visa.

China business visa

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China express visa

As I had already booked my tickets to Beijing and could not wait for seven days, I opted for the Chinese tourist express visa, which takes only 3 to 5 working days. Their visa expert was easy to coordinate with and upon receipt of my courier, they ensured that they would try their utmost best to get my China visa. And as assured, I received my passport with the visa pasted on it via courier within 4 days.

China tourist express visa

Note: Most of the countries, which are not exempt from visa, apply for L visa when transiting via China with a layover period exceeding 24-hours.


Apart from the tourist visa, there is also an express visa for business visits as follows;

China business express visa


Updated China Visa Fee for Indian Citizens

Type of China VisaVisa FeeBlinkvisa ChargesSGST + CGSTTotalAvail Cashback
Tourist VisaINR 8999INR 50018%INR 9589INR 9589
Express Tourist VisaINR 14499INR 50018%INR 15089INR 15089
Business VisaINR 10499INR 50018%INR 11089INR 11089
Express Business VisaINR 14499INR 50018%INR 15089INR 15089

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While I had applied for three tourist express visa, I had to pay only INR 500 to initiate the visa processing. And soon as I did, I logged into their portal using my registered id and password. There was the Blinkwallet linked to my account and the amount reflecting in it was INR 45267 in the form of Blinkcash. I am quite certain that it would not have happened had I chosen other online agents.

How does cashback work?

Now, this is quite interesting as it only gets better. Thanks to my assigned visa expert, I soon discovered that I can save a lot on my travel expenses too! Earlier, I stated that I received the complete cashback on the China visa fee of my spouse, child, and self. Let’s see how I was able to could use it.

It is no secret that air tickets and accommodation charges along with special tourist packages make for the bulk of travel expenses. Fortunately, I was able to save on these expenses with Blinkvisa.

The Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet

The Blinkcash is not just virtual currency but the key to unlocking discounts on the actual cost price of flight tickets, hotels, activities booking, etc.

With the Blinkcash, I was able to save INR 12,000 on the air tickets to Beijing. Take a glance at the illustration below to get a gist of how one can save on the actual cost price when booking via the Blinkvisa portal.

Note: The price may vary as per the dates and availability.

Beijing China air tickets

The discount is limited to flight tickets, it applies to hotels, activities, and local transport in the visiting country as well. For instance;

Beijing China Activities

For more such offers with Blinkcash Click Here

Blinkcash has lifetime validity

Although I could not use the complete cashback, it is safe in my Blinkwallet. Also, the Blinkcash has unlimited validity, and thus, I can use it anytime on

The bottom line is with Blinkvisa, I was able to get value for my money spent on the visa. And, I am glad to have found a visa service provider who will cater to my offline and online visa needs. With assistance at every step of the visa processing getting a visa was never this easy.

China visa FAQs

1. Is there a China visa on arrival for Indians?

While there is no visa on arrival in China as such, it is provided in the case of emergencies when there is no time to apply for an advance visa provided;

  • you have an invitation letter issued by a government-approved sponsor or Chinese authorities
  • or have a confirmation from immigration authorities that the visa will be issued on arrival
  • when you have a government-approved sponsor meeting you at the airport.

2. Is my China visa fee refundable?

Generally, the visa fee when involves the Embassy of the country in question is non-refundable. However, Blinkvisa provides a 100% cashback which is as good as a refund.

3. Do Indians need a transit visa for a layover in China?

China has a Transit without visa policy for a layover period of 24 hours for all nationals at select ports only. However, certain stringent requirements must be met for the same. For instance, the travel documents or visa of the country transiting to via China must be valid for more than three months.

Hence, it is recommended to apply for a China L visa for transit purpose. For more information, read China Transit Visa.

4. Can I use my tourist visa for business visits?

While you may use your business visa for tourism as well, you cannot use a tourist visa as a business, work, or study visa. However, a tourist visa can be used as a travel visa, transit visa and China visit visa.