An abode of scenic landscapes and wildlife reserves, Kenya tops the list of tourist attractions for nature and adventure seekers. In fact, Kenya tourism is one of the major contributors to the economy of this East-African country. As a panoramic treat to the eyes, there is a lot to see and do in Kenya. Nevertheless, except for the visa-exempt nations, others must apply for a Kenya visa to explore this incredible country.

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Apply e-visa Kenya

All About Kenya Visa

The government of Kenya has facilitated two basic visa types for foreign nationals. They are e-visa Kenya and Kenya visa in advance. For a better understanding of the country-wise visa requirements and exemptions, refer to the illustration below.

Kenya e visa and visa Kenya in advance Wikipedia

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Kenya visa-free countries

The citizens of the following countries can travel visa-free or without a visa for a stay period of up to 90 days in Kenya. Rather than a Kenyan visa, these nationals must travel with their passports. Except for Rwanda and Uganda, where they need to furnish their identity cards upon arrival.

Visa-free countries Kenya


Except for Malaysia and South Africa, the remaining countries listed may stay in Kenya for a period of up to 90 days while the former two may stay up to a period of 30 days.

Rwanda and Uganda nationals may travel Kenya visa-free using their identity cards(ID). Likewise, Kenyans can travel visa-free to Rwanda and Uganda without a visa using their identity cards

Countries not eligible for e-visa

Select countries are not eligible for a Kenyan eVisa. The citizens of these countries must refer their visa to the Director of the Immigrations Office, Kenya. Thus, only when it is processed and approved via consulate, they may enter Kenya.

Kenya Referred to visa

Source: Wikipedia

For the Consular visa application process and requirements, read Kenya Visa Application – Online and Referred Visa

Kenyan visa exemptions for non-ordinary passports

Exemptions from Kenya visa requirements is granted to the following nationals with non-ordinary passports.

  • Citizens of Brazil, China, Israel, Turkey, and Iran having service category and diplomatic category non-ordinary passports
  • Indian citizens with diplomatic passports (non-ordinary passport)

Types of Kenya Visas

  1. Ordinary visa (source)
  2. Transit visa
  3. Diplomatic visa
  4. Courtesy visa
  5. East Africa tourist visa

Popular types of Kenya visas (ordinary visas)

  1. Kenya tourist visa
  2. Kenya transit visa
  3. Kenya business visa
  4. Kenya visit visa
  5. Kenya work visa

More about Kenya tourist visa

Typically, it serves the purpose of tourism. At Blinkvisa, we process the Single-entry Kenya visa for Indian passport holders. The stay period is determined by the date reflecting on your return ticket from Kenya. That being said, you can stay up to a period of 90 days in Kenya. And, you must apply for an eVisa Kenya from the country of your residence.

Kenya tourist visa

However, when you wish to extend your visa, you must apply for the same in person by visiting the Immigrations Office headquartered in Nairobi. Thus, furnishing the return tickets to the country of residence is mandatory for the approval of your Kenya e-visa.

For more information on Kenya tourist visa, read All About Kenya Tourist Visa

More about Kenya transit visa

At Blinkvisa, we also process the Kenya transit visa for Indians. As the name suggests, it serves the purpose of transiting to a third country from Kenya. It is essential especially when your stay period during your layover in Kenya is not more than 72 hours. Also, when are expected to board flights with a different PNR number or different terminal, you need a transit visa.

Kenya transit visa

Note: Except for the visa-exempt countries, others require a transit visa for transiting via Kenya. 

For more information on Kenya transit visa, read Hassle-free Kenya Visa Online with Cashback on Visa Fees

More about Kenya business visa

Typically, when you wish to visit Kenya on business grounds, you may require a Kenya business visa. The Kenya business visa requirements differ from that of the tourist and transit visa. Presently, we do not offer online Kenya business visa. However, we will update the same as soon as possible.

For more information on a business visa, read Kenya Business Visa Guide

More about Kenya visit visa

While a tourist visa serves the purpose of tourism, when you are specifically staying with a Kenyan host/friend or relative, then you need a Kenya visit visa. While the salient features of a visit visa are similar to Kenya tourist visa, the former has its own set of additional requirements.

Also read, All About Kenya Tourist Visa

More about Kenya work visa

Kenya work visa is granted to a foreign national only after the employer who is based in Kenya can prove the following;

  • that hiring the foreign national would be beneficial to Kenya
  • and that position cannot be filled by a Kenyan resident/citizen

Thus, a Kenya work visa is issued only with the thorough assistance of the Kenyan company granting employment.

Kenya Visa Requirements for All Types of Visa Kenya

Kenya tourist visa requirements

  1. The scanned copy of the first and last pages of your passport
  2. Your passport must have a validity period of at least six months
  3. A colour-scanned copy of your recent passport-sized photograph
  4. Confirmed air tickets
  5. Travel itinerary*
  6. Confirmed proof of accommodation like hotel bookings or vouchers

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Note: In the case of children or minors under 18-years of age travelling alone, a cover letter stating no objection issued by parents/guardian is a must.

Kenya visit visa requirements

Apart from the above-mentioned documents; the other mandatory requirements for a Kenya visit visa are as follows;

  1. Invitation letter from the friend/relative inviting you to visit them
  2. Copy of the visa or resident permit of the person inviting you

Kenya transit visa requirements

The requirements for transit visa are as follows;

  1. Visa copy of the third country you are transiting via Kenya
  2. Round-trip confirmed tickets

Kenya business visa requirements

Additional mandatory Kenya business visa requirements are furnished below;

Important: An invitation letter from the company inviting the business visa applicant.

Also, the letter must furnish the following;

  1. Signature of the authority, the designation of the authorised person
  2. Name of the organization and the company’s stamp or seal
  3. Contact details, the purpose of visit, sponsorship details and other important documents if any

Note: the letter must be addressed to the Director, Kenyan Immigration Office

Kenya visa photo specification

  1. The photo must have 80% of your face covered in the frame
  2. It must be of the dimensions of 35 x 45 mm
  3. Ensure it is clicked against an all-white background
  4. Pose a neutral expression
  5. Avoid wearing spectacles
  6. In the case of religious headgear, ensure 80% of your face is visible
  7. In the case of long hair, ensure it’s tied back

Note: It is essential to submit a recent photograph only as the immigration officials may ban your entry is otherwise.

Kenya Visa Fees

The Blinkvisa advantage is the 100% cashback on all your online visas or PDF visas. The same is offered on Kenya visa fee as well. You will get the complete cashback on the visa fees.

Kenya tourist visa fees

In our endeavour to convert all your visa expenses into travel expenses, we are the only visa agent offering this cashback advantage. Thus, INR 4580 on every visa applied is credited back to you. For instance: for two visas, you will receive a cashback of INR 9160. No questions asked!

Kenya transit visa fee

As stated earlier, similar to a tourist visa, the complete transit visa fee is credited to your account in the form of Blinkcash.

More on the Blinkvisa cashback

The Blinkcash is credited to your Blinkwallet which is linked to your registered email id. Using this Blinkcash, you can unlock attractive discounts on travel expenses including and not limited to flight tickets, hotel reservations, travel activities. But to get a better picture of this innovative concept, you must first understand the Kenya visa application process.

How to Apply for Kenya Visa?

Here are the steps to apply for a Kenya visa:

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in your basic details like name, tentative travel date, etc.
  3. Pay the registration fee (service charge of INR 500) to initiate the application process
  4. Our visa expert will soon call you (generally within half an hour) to provide you with the documents checklist
  5. Once you upload the documents, we will process your visa in two working days
  6. After approval, pay the remaining visa fee to download your Kenya eVisa

Apply Online Visa

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Flight tickets to Nairobi

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Hotel bookings at Blinkvisa

Kenya visa FAQs

1. Which are the countries that are not eligible for an e-visa Kenya?

The list of the countries is provided in the blog. Citizens of these nations must apply for a Referred to visa.

2. Is travel insurance mandatory to visit Kenya?

It is not mandatory. However, we recommend one. In fact, you can avail travel insurance as low as INR 300. For more information, click here!

3. Is my Kenyan visa fee refundable?

We provide a complete cashback on your Kenya visa fees which is akin to a complete refund. Moreover, in rare cases of visa rejection, the applicant still gets to keep the cashback without having to pay the remaining visa fee.

Read for More Information: Kenya Visa Fees

4. Is there a Kenya visa on arrival for Indians

Since the 1st of July 2015, all the countries that had a Kenya visa on arrival facility including India must apply for Kenya e-visa. Source

5. What is a Kenya ordinary visa?

Kenya ordinary visas are single-entry and multiple-entry types visas granted to foreign nationals eligible for Kenyan visa. Kenya tourist visa, Kenya business visa, Kenya visit visa, are some of the examples of ordinary visas?

6. Is there a Kenya transit visa on arrival for Indians?

Kenya transit visa on arrival is for stay periods under 24 hours. Thus, for layover periods not exceeding 72 hours, we recommend the Kenya transit visa online.

7. Is Kenya visa-free for infants and children?

Children aged 16 and below need not apply for a Kenya visa as they can travel visa-free. However, they need to furnish their passport or alien identity card while travelling.