Did you know? Sri Lanka is the second wealthiest country in South Asia after the Maldives and is considered to be an upper-middle-income nation. While most of its economy is driven by tea export, tourism, textile, apparel, and agriculture, it also attracts prospects for business collaborations and meetings. Visiting Sri Lanka on business can also turn into pleasure as it is one of the popular tourist destinations of South Asia. However, a Sri Lanka business visa inevitable to visit the country for business purposes.

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Sri Lanka Business Visa or Business ETA

All holiday and business travellers visiting Sri Lanka must apply for a Sri Lanka ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. It came into effect from the 1st of January 2012.

Typically, an ETA is ideal to enter the country for a short stay period. Business ETA, tourist ETA, transit ETA and Sri Lanka visa on arrival are the common types of Sri Lanka ETA. As the names suggest, they are used for tourism or visiting, business, and transit purposes.

Sri Lanka business visa

Sri Lanka business visa and tourist visa, a comparative study

While an ETA is not applicable for a few select countries and categories, others do require them to enter and travel Lanka.

Generally, a Sri Lanka business visa shares most of its features with a Sri Lanka tourist visa. While both are double-entry type visas, the purpose of visit likely varies. Nevertheless, a Sri Lanka tourist visa could be used for business purposes and vice versa.

What can you do with your Sri Lanka business ETA

  • Take up short-term business-related courses (under 30 days)
  • Attend cultural festivals or participate in cultural activities
  • Participate in business conferences, seminars, symposium, etc.
  • Use it to stay at a relative’s/friend’s place in Sri Lanka (Refer Sri Lanka Tourist Visa)
  • Use it for tourism and other recreational activities like yoga, Ayurveda, etc.

What you cannot do with your Sri Lanka business ETA

  • Engage in any kind of employment (temporary or otherwise)
  • Engage in any form of business or trade activities
  • Use it as an employment/job/work visa
  • Use it to apply for permanent residence
  • Use it extend their stay past the expiry date of the visa

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Sri Lanka Business Visa Fees

Sri Lanka business visa fee

The illustration above provides the price breakup of a typical double-entry business visa offered by Blinkvisa.

Note: At Blinkvisa we offer 100% cashback on your complete Sri Lanka business visa fees

Sri Lanka business visa requirements

1. Passport with a validity of at least six months

2. Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your passport

3. Scanned copy of your latest passport-sized photograph

4. Confirmed round-trip tickets*

5. Confirmed proof of hotel accommodation

6. Proof of sufficient funds to bear travel expenses

Note: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, and Syria must produce their confirmed return or onward tickets.*

7. A cover letter issued by the applicant’s employing company

Note: The cover letter must state the name of the Sri Lankan company you are visiting. It is essential to provide the purpose of visit and the duration of your stay as well.

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How to Apply for Sri Lanka Visa?

At Blinkvisa, we have simplified the online visa application process. The steps are as follows;

Step 1: Complete Registration

  • The primary step involves providing some of your basic details like your name as on the passport, tentative travel date, etc.
  • Make the initial payment of INR 500 as the initial visa processing fee
  • Receive instant cashback of INR 2040
  • Book your flight tickets, hotels etc. using the cashback (Blinkcash)
  • Meanwhile, our visa assistant will call you to share the details of the documents required (over phone, email, and SMS)

Step 2: Upload Documents

All that remains is uploading the documents. After which, your visa is processed in one to three working days.

Step 3: Receive your visa

The status of your visa approval is conveyed via email and SMS. You can then download your visa after paying the remaining visa fees.

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Sri Lanka business visa FAQs

1. Do I need a travel itinerary for applying for a Sri Lanka business visa?

Although your visit may be for business purpose, you can always explore Lanka as a tourist. To get the best of both, we recommend you to have a Sri Lanka travel plan.

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2. Is my visa fee refundable?

You do not have to pay the visa fee in advance, which is an advantage when you apply through Blinkvisa. However, you need to pay the remaining visa fees to download your Sri Lanka eVisa. It is unlike other agencies where you need to pay the complete visa fee for visa processing.

3. Can I apply for a Sri Lanka business visa when I already have a Sri Lanka tourist visa?

Sri Lanka ETA is electronically linked to your passport. It means you can link only for one Sri Lanka online visa at a time or until the validity lasts.

4. Can I engage in employment in Sri Lanka using my business visa?

Other than your specified purpose of visit, you cannot engage in employment (paid or unpaid) or trade or business during your stay in the country.

5. How does cashback work?

Upon successful registration, where you pay the initial fee of INR 500 for processing your visa, the complete visa fee, that is INR 2040 is credited back to you in the form of Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet.

The Blinkcash has lifetime validity and brings you a plethora of discounts of up to 25% on your travel expenses (flight tickets, hotel reservations and bookings, travel activities, etc.) through our portal.