The spectacular train ride through its awe-inspiring plantations to the Yala National Park, to the temple of the Tooth Relic, etc. Sri Lanka tourism has a lot in store for travel enthusiasts from around the world. However, to visit this amazing island country nestled in the Indian Ocean, one needs a Sri Lanka visa.

Despite this fact, thousands of tourists flock to this country. And surprisingly, India ranks number one in the list of visitor countries frequenting Sri Lanka.

In fact, 424887 Indian visitors were reported in the year 2018 compared to 384628 visitors reported in the year 2017.

This blog is an all-inclusive guide on Sri Lankan visa. It aims to provide you with complete information on the requirements, fees, eligibility, etc.,

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Sri Lanka?

It is probably the most common question that comes to mind while planning for a refreshing Sri Lankan holiday. While the citizens of a few countries can visit Sri Lanka without a visa, some do require an advance, eVisa.

And if you do need an online visa to explore this tantalizing country, we make it both easy and convenient for you. At Blinkvisa, we provide you with a 100% cashback on the complete Sri Lanka visa fee.

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Types of Sri LankaVisas

  • Sri Lanka ETA or Visit Visas
  • Sri Lanka Transit Visa
  • Sri Lanka Residence Visa
  • Visa on Arrival in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka ETA or Visit Visas

For a short stay in Sri Lanka, it is essential to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. For select countries eligible for a Sri Lanka visa on arrival it is a must to apply for an ETA as well.

Based on this, Sri Lanka grants visit visas for short durations.

Types of Sri Lanka visit visas

Sri Lanka Tourist ETA

Generally, a tourist visa also known as a visitor visa is meant for tourism and visiting purposes. However, it cannot be used for business purposes like attending meetings, conferences, job interviews, etc. Nevertheless, a tourist visa is the most popularly preferred type of travel visa.

Sri Lanka tourist visa at Blinkvisa

At Blinkvisa, we provide the double entry, Sri Lanka Tourist visa that entitles you to a stay period of up to 30 days. Generally, the tourist eVisa can be used for both tourism and for visiting a friend or relative. Sri Lanka visa requirements are stated further in the blog.

Sri Lanka tourist visa

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Business ETA

Typically, it serves business and commercial purposes like business festivals, business seminars, meetings, etc. However, one cannot use it to start a business in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka business visa

The entry type, and stay period of a Sri Lanka business visa offered at Blinkvisa is similar to that of a tourist visa.

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What is a double-entry eVisa?

Typically, a double-entry e-visa allows you to enter the said country twice using the same visa. In the case of Sri Lanka double-entry e-Visa, you can use it to visit the country twice. However, you must exit the country before the validity expires. It means you must leave the country on or before the 30th day after every entry you make.

What are the processing time and validity of Sri Lanka tourist visa and a business visa?

Generally, it takes up to three working days to process a Sri Lanka tourist visa. Once approved, it may be valid for up to 6 months.

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Cost of Sri Lanka online visa

Sri Lanka visa fee at Blinkvisa is INR 2040 for both tourist and business visas.

Type of Sri Lanka e-visa Visa Fee Blinkvisa Charges  Avail Cashback
Sri Lanka Tourist Visa INR 1450 INR 500 + 18% GST INR 2040
Sri Lanka Business Visa INR 1450 INR 500 + 18% GST INR 2040

There are no hidden charges when you apply for your Sri Lanka online visa through Blinkvisa. It is because, at Blinkvisa, we offer a 100% cashback on your complete visa fee. The cashback reflects in your registered id as Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet.

The Blinkcash unlocks attractive discounts on your travel expenses booked through our portal.

Transit ETA

A transit visa of a particular country enables you to stay for a very short period or to cross-over the said country. It is essential when your connecting flight is via another country. In the case of Sri Lanka transit visa, it enables you to transition to a third country via Sri Lanka.

Basically, all countries except the visa-exempt countries need to apply for a transit visa.

Residence visa

Foreign nationals except for the visa-exempt nations seeking to stay in the country for other purposes must apply for a Sri Lanka residence visa.

For instance, some of the categories of purposes are;

  • Employment Category
  • Investor Category
  • Religious Category
  • Student Category, to name a few

Note: Foreign students seeking a student visa must not opt for Sri Lanka tourist ETA, business visa, etc. The student visa must be facilitated by the educational institution where you intend to study. 

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Visa on arrival in Sri Lanka

To promote tourism, the island country offers free visa on arrival for certain countries while others need to apply for a Sri Lanka ETA to seek a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka. Typically, the processing fee of an ETA may go up to USD30.

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Find out if you need to apply for an advance visa for Sri Lanka

Although there are countries eligible for free visa on arrival, including India, the terms and conditions may change without prior notification. Hence, we recommend you to opt for a Sri Lanka ETA rather than relying on acquiring a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka visa-exempt countries and categories:

  • The Republic of Singapore
  • The Republic of Maldives
  • The Republic of Seychelles
  • Crew members of flights and ships

Note: Only three countries are exempt from an ETA wherein they can travel visa-free.

Apart from the countries and category mentioned above, the rest must apply for ETA or e visa. Nevertheless, there is a visa on arrival for select countries (with ETA and without ETA). Refer to the illustration below;

Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival

Needless to say, as an Indian citizen with a diplomatic or official passport, you can travel to the island country without a visa.

non ordinary passports exempt from ETA

Note: D – Diplomatic passports; O – Official passports; S – Service passports

Apart from the citizens holding non-ordinary passports, others must opt for an online e-visa or ETA.

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How to Save on Your Visa Fees?

Get cashback even before visa approval!

To initiate the visa application process, you need to fill in some of your basic details. After which, you need to make a payment of INR 500 to initiate the visa processing. As soon as you pay INR 500, the complete visa fee that is INR 2040 gets credited in your Blinkwallet as Blinkcash.

Unlock discounts up to 11% on your flight, hotel, and activities booked through Blinkvisa.

For complete information, Read More: Sri Lanka Visa Fees

Attractive discounts on travel packages

Using the Binkcash you can earn amazing offers and exciting discounts on your flight tickets booked through our portal. However, it is not limited to flights, you can also book hotels and popular activities in the destination country.

Blinkcash discount

Flight discount

flight discount example

The illustration showcases the discounts one can avail using the Blinkcash. The above examples provide a glimpse of various flight options for a single traveller from Mumbai (MUM) to Colombo (CMB).

As indicated earlier, you will also get discounts on your hotel bookings as illustrated below;

Hotel discounts

Visa Requirements for Sri Lanka

1. Passport with a validity of at least six months

2. Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your passport

3. Scanned copy of your latest passport-sized photograph

4. Confirmed round-trip tickets

5. Confirmed proof of hotel accommodation

6. Proof of sufficient funds to bear travel expenses

7. Travel itinerary

The requirements of a Sri Lanka business visa varies from that of tourist, transit, and other types of visas.

For complete information, Read More: Sri Lanka Visa Requirements

Do not have a Sri Lanka travel itinerary or travel plan?

At Blinkvisa, we not only assist you with your visa requirements, but also provide a handpicked travel guide to make the most of your trip.

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How to Apply for a Sri Lanka E-visa?

e Visa Sri lanka application

Blinkvisa facilitates a hassle-free visa application process. Here is a step-by-step application process,

1. Visit

  • Choose the type of visa from the drop-down options
  • Select the country you are going to
  • Select your city
  • Enter your mobile number and email id
  • Click on the Get Visa button

2. Make the initial payment for registration

  • After clicking the Get Visa button, you will be directed to the payment gateway
  • Make a payment of INR 500 only using either credit/debit card or via Net Banking/UPI
  • On successful payment, INR 2040 will be immediately credited to your Blinkwallet account as Blinkcash

3. Our visa expert will call you 

  • Within half an hour from the receipt of your registration, our visa expert will call you.
  • They will share the list of documents that you would be required to upload

Note: Visa requirements vary when you are visiting a relative and when you are invited by your sponsor. Our visa expert will clarify all your concerns and guide you throughout the application stage.

Once all your documents are furnished successfully, we will apply for a visa on your behalf

Upon approval of your visa, we will intimate the same via SMS and an email

Then all that remains is downloading your e-visa for which, you need to pay the remaining visa fee (18% GST + INR 1450)

Important: Take a couple of colour printouts of your visa and keep it handy while travelling.

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Sri Lanka eVisa FAQs

1. How long is a Sri Lanka e Visa or paper visa valid for?

It is valid up to six months.

2. Do I need a visa to visit Sri Lanka on a cruise?

Yes. To get onshore, you need to have a Sri Lankan visa.

3. How long does it take for processing a Sri Lanka ETA or visa?

It takes one to three working days for processing.

4. Do I need medical insurance to visit Sri Lanka?

Medical or travel insurance is recommended.

5. What is a paper visa?

Sri Lankan visa is an example of a paper visa. It means the visa is electronically linked to your passport. Thus, you only need to download it and take a printout while travelling.