Applying for a visa is a tedious process often robbing away the allure of your foreign holiday. Ipso facto, a Canada visa fee for Indians is quite expensive. However, when you choose the right kind of online visa agent, the process not only becomes easy and convenient. It also saves you time and money. And with select visa agents like Blinkvisa, you also get a 100% cashback on your complete Canada visa fee. So here’s all about the Canada visa application online.

Apply for Canada visa online with cashback!

Types of Canada Visa Application Process

1. Canada visa application online

2. Canada visa paper application

We covered about Canada visa paper application process in our previous blog. If you missed it, read Guide on Canada Visa Application.

Apply for Canada visa

Canada visa application online at Blinkvisa

Blinkvisa facilitates a hassle-free Canada visa online process. In fact, it is a simple two-step process as follows;

Blinkvisa has a simplified two-step application process.

Apply Canada visa online

Step 1: Registration

  • All you need to do is initiate the visa application process. And, here is how you do it;
  • Fill in a few details like your name (as on passport), tentative travel and return dates, contact information, etc.
  • Pay the initial registration fees of INR 1000
  • The complete visa fee INR 11280 reflects in your Blinkwallet
  • Use the Blinkcash to book flight tickets, hotels, travel activities, etc at a discounted price (get discounts of up to 25%)

Step 2: Uploading Documents

  • A visa assistant is immediately assigned to you post-registration.
  • The visa assistant has the visa expertise to address all your concerns and answer all your queries.
  • A checklist of Canada visa requirements is then emailed to you while the visa assistant also advises the same over the phone.
  • Then all that remains is uploading the requested documents from your end.
  • The PDF file of your Canada visa will be delivered to your registered email id.
  • Download the visa and take a couple of printouts of the same while travelling.

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Note: The Canada visa is processed within 30 working days from the date of submission of the required documents.

Choose your Canada Visa Online

Blinkvisa processes online visas, which also includes Canada visitor visa for Indians. Speaking of which, there are two types of Canada visitor visas;

Types of Canada visa online

  1. Canada tourist visa
  2. Canada business visa

More about Canada tourist visa

Typically, a tourist visa serves the purposes of tourism or visiting relative based in Canada. As one of the temporary visit visas or visitor visas, it is a versatile visa serving multiple purposes. For instance, you can use it to attend cultural and business festivals hosted in Canada. Short-term courses (less than six months) in Canada, etc.

Canada business visa

However, it is imperative to note that in each of the specified use, the Canada visa requirements vary. Thus, before determining the purpose of your tourist visa, read the Canada visa requirements applicable to your purpose of visit.

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For the complete information on Canada tourist visa requirements, read Canada visa requirements.

More about Canada business visa

Canada business visa for Indian passport holders is yet another type of Canada visitor visa. As the name suggests, it is used for business-related purposes. However, it must never be used as a work visa or business class immigration visa.

Canada business visa

Both Canada tourist visa and business visa are multiple entry type visas with a validity of up to 10-years. Nevertheless, you must exit Canada before your six months in the country are up for every entry you make.

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Canada visitor visa fee for Indians

The Canada visa fee at Blinkvisa is a standard price for both business visa and Canada tourist visa for Indians. The point to be noted here is that Blinkvisa offers a 100% cashback on your complete Canada visa fees. It is for this reason, applying for your Canada visa online through Blinkvisa is not only convenient but also saves money. Thus, we deliver the complete value for your money.

Canada visitor visa fee

Understanding the Cashback on Canada visa

When you apply for your Canada visa through Blinkvisa, you must first complete the registration process. It involves;

  1. Providing basic details like name, email id, and tentative travel date, etc.
  2. Making the payment of INR 1000 as the visa processing fee (service charges)

As soon as you pay INR 1000, we immediately credit INR 11280, which is the complete visa fee into your account id registered with us. This happens as the Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet.

Blinkcash is the cashback which you can use to unlock discounts on your travel expenses like flight tickets, activities, hotel bookings, etc.

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Canada Visa Application Online Requirements

  • Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your Indian passport
  • Filled in Questionnaire*
  • A personal covering letter (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Letterhead)

– The letter must state the purpose, duration of your visit.

  • Previous six month’s bank statement
  • Proof of sufficient funds in account/debit/credit card
  • Previous three year’s Personal Income Tax Returns / Form 16
  • Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Reservations

*The filled in the questionnaire is shared only after the initial registration process.

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Canada visa application online FAQs

1. Why choose Blinkvisa?

  • Blinkcash worth INR 11280 on every Canada tourist visa.
  • Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet has lifetime validity.
  • Your Canada tourist visa has a validity of up to 10 years and is a multiple entry type visa.
  • Use your Blinkcash anywhere, anytime on our portal.
  • You can use it for domestic and international travel bookings, hotel accommodations, etc

2. What are the other types of Canada visa for Indian nationals?

For the complete information, Read All About Canada Visa for Indians

3. Is my Canada visa application fee refundable?

Applying with a Canada visa application centre requires you to pay the complete visa fee which is non-refundable. Moreover, in case of visa rejection, the charges applicable for couriering your documents back to you also falls on you.

However, when you apply through Blinkvisa (online application), you only need to pay the initial fee of INR 1000. Only after receiving your visa PDF, you are required to pay the remaining visa fee to download your visa.

4. What is Blinkcash?

At Blinkvisa, we offer a complete cashback on your visa fee which reflects in your Blinkwallet account liked to your registered id. The amount gets credited into your Blinkwallet as Blinkcash.