The second-largest country in the world, Canada, holds a lot of appeal as both domestic and international tourist destinations. Needless to say, Canada visa for Indians is a must for Indian passport holders to enter/travel Canada.

Did you know?

In the year 2016, 148193 Canada visas were granted for Indians.

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Indians require a Canada visa if visiting Canada for a short stay. Although there are different types of Canada visas, the most popular one is the Canada tourist visa.

Types of Canada visas for Indians

1. Canada Visitor Visa

2. Study Permit – Canada

3. Canada Work Permit, etc.

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Canada visitor visa

Most of the Indians visit Canada for business, tourism, recreational purposes, to name a few. Typically, a tourist visa serves multiple purposes. Right from visiting a friend or relative staying in Canada to participating in cultural programs hosted in the country, the purposes are many.


Indian passport holders prefer Canada tourist visa for the vague reasons stated above. However, there are other types of visas listed above that serve a specific purpose.

Salient features of a Canada visitor visa for Indians

  • The entry type is multiple, which means it enables multiple entries into the country.
  • The visa holder can enter and exit the country before the expiry of the visa’s validity.
  • It enables a continuous stay period of six months at every entry made.
  • The validity is up to 10 years.
  • One cannot use it as a work permit.
  • It cannot be used as a student visa or study visa.
  • It does not entitle the applicant to invest in the country.
  • One cannot start a business in Canada using a tourist visa.Canada visitor visa

At Blinkvisa, we process Canada tourist visa and Canada business visa. Both are a multiple-entry type of visa. The best part is, they have a validity of up to ten years. That being said, you can visit the fascinating country multiple times in the span of those 10-years.

Note: The Canada visitor visa entitles you a stay period of six continuous months for every time you enter the country. 

The fact is, Canada is a huge country with a multitude of places worth visiting at least once in life. it is this very aspect that popularises Canada as both domestic and international tourist attraction.

Canada visitor visa fee

Generally, when you apply for Canada visa through a visa agent, you would be asked to pay the complete visa fees for processing the visa. However, at Blinkvisa, we charge only INR 500 as the initial registration fee for processing your visa.

100% cashback on your Canada visa fees is a Blinkvisa advantage!

Canada tourist visa fee

It means, once you pay INR 1000, the complete visa fee is credited to your account. Yes, INR 11280 is credited back to you in the form of Blinkcash* in your Blinkwallet, which is linked to your registered user id.

For instance, if applying for a Canda visa for your parents, spouse, and self, you pay INR 500 for visa processing while INR 45120 is immediately credited to your account.

Note: The Blinkcash has lifetime validity, which means you can use it anywhere and anytime for your domestic and international travel requirements.

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It is ideal for pursuing an education in Canada*. The requirements and the application process for a Canada study permit vary from that of the Canada tourist visa. A study permit in Canada enables you to seek permanent residence in Canada. That is, after completing your education, you can pursue a career in Canada. (source)

Approval of a study permit in Canada entitles you to bring your spouse, parents, etc, to Canada. It also makes you and your spouse eligible for an open work permit.


1. One can pursue education only at the DLI or Designated Learning institutes.

2. A study permit is not to be treated as an entry permit to Canada. One has to apply for an eTA or Canada visa to enter the country. 

Canada work permit for Indians

Indians aspiring to work in Canada or those who are already working in the country can avail a work permit. Similar to the study permit, it grants you permanent residency in Canada. However, a work permit has to be facilitated via the company situated in Canada.

Types of work permits

  • Employer-specific work permit
  • Openwork permit (source)

The requirements for a work permit varies from that of the Canada visit visa (tourist visa) and study permit.

Important: To visit your relatives, friends residing in Canada under the work permit, you can apply for a visitor visa or Canada tourist visa. Ideal for stays less than six months. For stay periods of up to two years, we recommend Canada super visa (parent and grandparent only)

Parent and grandparent super visa

Students and employees in Canada holding a study permit and work permit respectively can invite their parents and grandparents to stay with them for a period of two continuous years for every entry made into the country. It is valid for 10-years and the type of entry is multiple.

In the case where the person is granted permanent residence in Canada, they can sponsor for the permanent residence of their immediate family members.

Important: If your parent or grandparent would like to stay in Canada for less than six months, we recommend you to apply for a visitor visa or Canada tourist visa

What are the Canada Visa Requirements for Indians?

At Blinkvisa we endeavour to simplify the Canada visa application process to the best of our capability. We presently provide Indian passport holders with online Canada visa.

Accordingly, a PDF file of your approved visa would be emailed to your registered id. Thus, you need to take a couple of colour printouts of the visa PDF along with the softcopy while travelling to Canada.

Note: After reaching the destination, you need to produce it as the immigration office, where the Canada visa is then stamped on your passport. 

The document checklist is listed below

  • Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your Indian passport
  • Filled in Questionnaire*
  • A personal covering letter (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Letterhead)

– The letter must state the purpose, duration of your visit.

  • Previous six month’s bank statement
  • Proof of sufficient funds in account/debit/credit card
  • Previous three year’s Personal Income Tax Returns / Form 16
  • Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Reservations

Optional, yet advisable documents

Additional Financial Documents if any. Such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, Recurring Deposits, any other Investments etc.

*questionnaire would be accessible after the registration process.

For study permit for Indians

  • Acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support the travel and stay
  • Invitation letter
  • Duly filled VFS Consent Form (offline application)
  • Documents required for specific visa type required to enter the country

For work permit for Indians

  • Employment Offer Letter
  • Letter of invitation
  • Documents required for the particular visa type
  • Completed VFS Consent Form (offline application)
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support both travel and stay

For Canada super visa for parent and grandparent

A signed letter from son/grandson stating the following;

  • a promise of financial support for the applicant’s stay period
  • a copy of the invitee’s Canadian citizenship or permanent residence
  • medical insurance (from any Canadian medical insurance company) with a one year cover from the time of entering Canada

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Note: A super visa must be applied from outside Canada only. 

How to Apply for Canada Visa Online for Indians?

Apply Canada visa online

Needless to say, we have a simplified online Canada visa for Indian passport holders. When you apply for your visa through Blinkvisa, you get guaranteed 100% cashback on your complete visa fee (INR 11280/visa.) Additionally, you will unlock attractive discounts of up to 25% on your travel activities and travel expenses.

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Get attractive discounts on travel activities, hotels, flight tickets, to name a few. After the initial registration process, where you pay INR 1000, the complete visa fee (18% GST + INR 1000 + INR 10100) gets credited to your account. It happens in the form of Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet that is linked to your registered user id.

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How does Blinkcash work?

Using the Blinkcash you can get discounts of up to 25% on your flight tickets, hotel reservations, travel activities, and other travel expenses when booked through our portal.

Examples of discounts that could be availed with Blinkcash*

*The discounts may vary depending on the dates chosen.

Canada discounts on flights with Blinkcash

The illustration provides a glimpse of savings one can have on flight tickets. In this case, one can get more than INR 1000 off on a single ticket. Thus, you could be saving thousands when booking a ticket or two.

Hotel discounts Blinkcash Canada

Here is what you could be saving for a single night at the hotel. That is, you would be saving more than INR 3000 for a three-nights stay.

Travel activities are yet another travel expense that you never account for while planning a foreign holiday. The illustration below is an apt example of how you could save on tourist activities with Blinkcash.

Canada travel activities discount

Canada visa FAQs

1. Why choose Blinkvisa?

  • Blinkcash worth INR 11280 on every Canada tourist visa.
  • Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet has lifetime validity.
  • Your Canada tourist visa has a validity of up to 10 years and is a multiple entry type visa.
  • Use your Blinkcash anywhere, anytime on our portal.
  • You can use it for domestic and international travel bookings, hotel accommodations, etc

2. What are the other types of Canada visa for Indian nationals?

For the complete information, Read All About Canada Visa

3. Can I use my Canada visa as a work visa?

A Canada visitor visa is not to be used as an employment visa.

4. Where can I apply for my Canada visa from India?

Though you can apply offline, we recommend you to opt for a Canada visa application online as it is easier and convenient.

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